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Prelude to a Cleanse

Gina Iannitelli
iBerkshires Contributor
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My name is Gina Iannitelli and I will be doing something new, a little crazy, and definitely daunting. Follow me as I embark on a 21-day “cleanse,” from Jan. 30—Feb. 19, during which I will exclude gluten, dairy, preservatives, caffeine, and alcohol from my diet with the help of Renee Tassone of “Eat to Total Health” in North Adams.  This is strictly for informational purposes and, hopefully, viewing pleasure; I do not endorse (neither does Renee!) any attempts to mirror my diet. I do, however, completely support the desire to find a lifestyle that nourishes your body to the best of its ability. Who doesn’t want that?

Now on to the hard part…