Letters: Selectmen's Vote Prompted Resignations

We hope that in the future, our Selectmen will show more resolve in addressing Williamstown's housing inequities.

Letters: NBH Board of Trustee Letter to Community

But in recent years, and especially in recent months, declines in revenues have continued to accelerate.

Letters: Pittsfield Crime Analyst a Good Start

We need that kind of leadership in our county, our state, and our nation when it comes to tackling crime.

Letters: Thank You to Wound Healing Center

The staff of the center was always courteous and caring throughout my experience.

Letters: Williamstown Official Urges Yes Vote on Spruces

Voting "yes" on all three articles is important to both the town of Williamstown and the residents of the Spruces Mobile Home Park.

Letters: Williamstown Leaders Need to Work Together

The fact that the Selectmen were not available as a panel to address questions on the overall capital project and financial picture of the town was regrettable, but a clear symptom of the problem.

Letters: Vote No on Fire Station Land Purchase

The biggest single savings we can get from doing a joint building is only having to buy one piece of land.

Williamstown Set to Help Residents of the Spruces

It matters mightily to the whole town to finally get this right.

Letters: Solar Development Law Needs Clarification

I'm a big believer in sustainable and renewable energy sources and thus a pretty big supporter of wind and solar they just make sense.

Letters: Williamstown Fire Department Thanks Voters

Although the article did not pass, we feel the discussion was an important discussion, and we learned a great deal from it.

Letters: Closing Greylock Pavilion Fails Patients

As registered nurses, we have a professional obligation to advocate for our patients to ensure that they receive the care they deserve.

Letters: Hospital Changes Will Meet Community Needs

Given the changes in health care today, community hospitals in rural locations like NARH have to look at the care we provide differently and from a more regional perspective.

Letter: Fire District Vote Could Affect School, Police Projects

Besides the FD's original warrant, there will likely be motions made about several different amended versions at tonight's meeting.

Letters: Vote Yes on Fire Station Land Purchase

If there was a possibility of combining the two uses that can always be researched at a later date, after securing the property.

Letters: Former Mayor Barrett Deserves Thanks

I like many others am disappointed that he didn't run this year but I'm sure we will hear from John Barrett again.

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