Letter: Alcombright Recognizes Importance of Community Input

We are the solutions. The community. All of us. Each of us play our a role in making our city a sustainable, enjoyable, and safe place to live.

Letter: Barrett Has Proven Leadership

Would the closure been averted under John Barrett? Perhaps not but at least he would have given it his all ...

Letter: John Barrett for Mayor

He was a strong mayor who had to make difficult choices; that is a leader, not a dictator.

Letter: Alcombright Inclusive, Transparent

I know him to be collaborative, ethical, inclusive and transparent in approaching his work, and always motivated by a desire to act in the best interests of the city and its residents.

Letter: Barrett Should Not Be Face of North Adams

I took that threat seriously, documented it, had it notarized and mailed it to myself in a sealed envelope, "just in case."

Letter: Barrett Will Get Us Back To Basics

John Barrett can help us do that, and I urge you to vote for him in the upcoming election.

Letter: Barrett Most Qualified to be Mayor

I am voting for John Barrett III because of his proven leadership. I also have confidence in John Barrett making North Adams successful once again.

Letter: North Adams, My Favorite Hat

I adore this place, its people, its past, and its potential more than I can possibly emphasize in a single letter. Look at where we've come from and where we are today.

Letter: My Vote For Alcombright

The mayor of any city cannot do everything that the people in their city may want, but they can and should be the person who makes it as easy as possible for the community stakeholders to achieve greatness.

Letter: Past, Present, Future

The voters in North Adams have a relatively uncomplicated decision to make in their selection for mayor.

Letter: Benching

Benchmark: Mayor Alcombright knows how all of us who love North Adams want to keep going forward.

Letter: Alcombright Has Right Leadership

I believe that Alcombright's participatory style of governmental leadership is the right choice for North Adams as we move forward into the future.

Letters: Barrett Will Divide Community

People can disagree with you, not like your decisions, but when you refer to someone as an enemy, that means you've waged a war on them.

Letter: Alcombright, Teamwork Will Move City Forward

I come from a sports and recreation background where the concept of teamwork is important.

Letter: Vote Alcombright to Move City Forward

Dick Alcombright and his administrators are welcoming, open, and willing to listen.

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