Letters: North Adams Should Have Sought Land for School

They wound up picking an old school on an old site in an unsafe location.

Letters: North Adams Chamber Supports School Project

With MSBA reimbursement, the city only will be responsible for repayment of $6.5 million of the borrowing authorized by the Council.

Letters: Vote Conte Project Down

We are taxpayers, and parents of a Sullivan school child, so we are completely vested in getting the very best for our community and for our child.

Letters: Conte School Not Worth Renovating

Even after $30 million were spent to upgrade it, Conte would compare very unfavorably with the lovely new elementary school in Williamstown.

Letters: Conte School Decision Based on Facts

Collectively, we made an informed decision based on the facts presented to us. Conte was the preferred option, not just once, but twice.

Letters: Conserved Lands Needs Advocates

Someone recently remarked to me, angrily, "We have too much conservation land in this town!"

Letters: Housing Committee Working to Expand Opportunities

We must face the fact that the decisions we make about land use impact housing costs.

Letters: Discussion Needed on Youth Center Sale

Why has this significant event slipped under Williamstown's radar?

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