Letters: Discussion Needed on Youth Center Sale

Why has this significant event slipped under Williamstown's radar?

Letters: Cops for Kids Spaghetti Dinner Thank You

The Cops for Kids with Cancer Spaghetti dinner held at the Bounti-Fare in Adams on Feb. 11, 2013, was a huge success.

Letters: Why Not a New Spruces?

My idea: Construct new homes on the Spruces site with elevated concrete and steel reinforced 7- or 8-foot high open air foundations

Letters: HooRWA Supports Spruces Purchase

Benign uses for The Spruces flood plain include those sought by the town: "agriculture, active and passive recreation, sports fields, a bicycle path and conservation land."

Letters: Consider Other Options to Protect Spruces

The Spruces might yet have a future were it possible to protect the park from future flooding.

Letters: Spruces Residents Given 'Hobson's Choice'

That choice which the town offers is vacating the groundbreaking, unique model Spruces Park and moving elsewhere.

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