Letters: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

My family and close friend have been with me from the beginning.

Letter: Thank You for Work on Local Health Care System

I'm impressed by the dedication and focus of all those who are working to adapt our local health care system to the new realities.

Letters: Glad to Be Alive

It was a miracle the day of my accident that a doctor and several nurses happened to be at the scene.

The Saga of Hadley Overpass: North Adams

Seems like in hindsight, it would have been more expedient to have constructed a completely new structure.

Letter: New Paths to Youth Nicotine Addiction

Many people think the tobacco problem is solved. It's not.

Letter: Williamstown Land Needs to Stay in Conservation

How many open spaces are left in town that are not privately owned, that could replace the Lowry and Burbank properties as open space and agricultural conservation land?

Letters: North Adams Fireworks Was Team Effort

What a wonderful July 4th weekend capped off with the annual fireworks display after the SteepleCats game last week.

Letters: BArT Trivia Fundraiser Raises More Than $16K

The night couldn't have happened without the support of over a hundred local organizations and businesses.

Letters: Selectmen's Vote Prompted Resignations

We hope that in the future, our Selectmen will show more resolve in addressing Williamstown's housing inequities.

Letters: NBH Board of Trustee Letter to Community

But in recent years, and especially in recent months, declines in revenues have continued to accelerate.

Letters: Pittsfield Crime Analyst a Good Start

We need that kind of leadership in our county, our state, and our nation when it comes to tackling crime.

Letters: Thank You to Wound Healing Center

The staff of the center was always courteous and caring throughout my experience.

Letters: Williamstown Official Urges Yes Vote on Spruces

Voting "yes" on all three articles is important to both the town of Williamstown and the residents of the Spruces Mobile Home Park.

Letters: Williamstown Leaders Need to Work Together

The fact that the Selectmen were not available as a panel to address questions on the overall capital project and financial picture of the town was regrettable, but a clear symptom of the problem.

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