Guest Column: Mount Greylock Budget Cuts Would Be Catastrophic

To provide a snapshot of what Mount Greylock would look like at diminishing levels of revenue, further reductions were proposed in phases.

Letter: Williamstown Must Remain Walkable

Build the hotel at the top of Spring Street, keep the town walkable, and go back to the drawing board on how to attract business.

Letter: North Berkshire Deserves Full-Service Hospital

The approximate 37,000 residents of Northern Berkshire County neighborhoods need that same commitment from Berkshire Health Systems.

Letters: Insurance Bargaining Group Not a Public Body

The PEC bargains as a group with the appropriate public authority to provide health insurance benefits for current and retired municipal workers.

Guest Column: Looking Forward in 2015

For me, I will take inventory of the past year. I'll make a New Year's resolution to do better or be wiser in the future.

Letters: Thank You to Supporters of UNO Center

This has been a dream of mine for many years, and thank God it will soon be a reality.

Letter: Torture Antiquated and Useless

Torture belongs to the Middle Ages and the history books. Not the 21st century.

Letters: North Adams Thanks Tree Lighting Contributors

It brings out a sense of community during the holiday season which is comforting and joyous.

Letter: Berkshire Scenic Railway Exhibit Worth Saving

Berkshires schoolchildren deserve such a resource that otherwise seems headed for the recycle bin.

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