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2016 - 2017
North Adams
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(16-6)(8-3) (8-3)
LEAGUE:(0-0)(0-0) (0-0)
NON LEAGUE:(16-6)(8-3) (8-3)

Apr 07 Mount Everett L 2-3
Apr 11 Franklin Tech W 10-0
Apr 13 Science and Technology W 4-10
Apr 18 Smith Voc. L 9-6
Apr 27 Mount Everett W 2-7
Apr 28 Pioneer Valley Christian W 17-2
Apr 29 Wahconah L 0-6
May 01 Commerce W 2-1
May 04 Lee W 11-0
May 09 Science and Technology W 2-0
May 10 Lee W 6-9
May 11 Smith Voc. W 21-1
May 12 Westfield Tech W 6-1
May 16 Commerce W 0-4
May 17 Pathfinder L 1-0
May 18 Franklin Tech W 10-17
May 19 Pathfinder W 5-1
May 23 Pioneer Valley Christian W 0-7
May 24 Westfield Tech W 3-6
May 29 Wahconah L 3-1
Jun 01 Mount Everett W 5-6
Jun 05 Ware L 0-3
Austin Davine1.0001110000
Michael Ferrara.40035141880516
Connor Guyette.386572213131101
Caleb Rondeau.3486924231901111
Logan Tower.33363211712045
Bradley Tatro.29857171310041
Jacob Field.2796819128043
Mason Field.26549131770156
Rob Pecor.22263141012076
Lucas McLain.1676121030
Matt Jette.1676121030
James Hamilton.147345106074
Robert Matte III.136598910043
William Bohl.05917113020
Dalton Tatro.0001000000
Caleb Rondeau6924
Connor Guyette5722
Logan Tower6321
Jacob Field6819
Bradley Tatro5717
Michael Ferrara3514
Rob Pecor6314
Mason Field4913
Robert Matte III598
James Hamilton345
Matt Jette61
Austin Davine11
William Bohl171
Lucas McLain61
Dalton Tatro10
Caleb Rondeau6923
Michael Ferrara3518
Mason Field4917
Logan Tower6317
Bradley Tatro5713
Connor Guyette5713
Jacob Field6812
Rob Pecor6310
James Hamilton3410
Robert Matte III599
Lucas McLain62
Matt Jette62
Austin Davine11
William Bohl171
Dalton Tatro10
Caleb Rondeau6919
Connor Guyette5713
Logan Tower6312
Rob Pecor6312
Robert Matte III5910
Bradley Tatro5710
Michael Ferrara358
Jacob Field688
Mason Field497
James Hamilton346
William Bohl173
Matt Jette61
Lucas McLain61
Austin Davine10
Dalton Tatro10
Home RunsABHR
Connor Guyette571
Jacob Field680
Mason Field490
Lucas McLain60
James Hamilton340
Austin Davine10
Dalton Tatro10
Bradley Tatro570
Logan Tower630
Matt Jette60
William Bohl170
Rob Pecor630
Caleb Rondeau690
Robert Matte III590
Michael Ferrara350
Mason Field4915
Caleb Rondeau6911
Connor Guyette5710
James Hamilton347
Rob Pecor637
Michael Ferrara355
Bradley Tatro574
Jacob Field684
Logan Tower634
Robert Matte III594
Lucas McLain63
Matt Jette63
William Bohl172
Austin Davine10
Dalton Tatro10
Michael Ferrara3516
Caleb Rondeau6911
Mason Field496
Rob Pecor636
Logan Tower635
James Hamilton344
Jacob Field683
Robert Matte III593
Connor Guyette571
Bradley Tatro571
Matt Jette60
Dalton Tatro10
Lucas McLain60
Austin Davine10
William Bohl170
Robert Matte III5-11.2118952.27026
Mason Field4-12.41141029.13817
Dalton Tatro2-1.002020202
Michael Ferrara2-0.502114114
Caleb Rondeau2-01.883311.21313
Jacob Field0-0.00002.301
Bradley Tatro0-07.0022230
Matt Jette0-18.7565433
William Bohl0-0.00406.161
Logan Tower0-17.0011102

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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