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2011 - 2012
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(16-6)(11-1) (5-5)
LEAGUE:(9-4)(0-1) (3-3)
NON LEAGUE:(7-2)(5-0) (2-2)

Apr 05 Mt. Anthony (VT) L 2-12
Apr 07 Rutland W 3-8
Apr 11 Wahconah W 18-6
Apr 13 St. Joe's W 3-11
Apr 20 Monument Mountain L 1-3
Apr 23 Lee W 1-12
Apr 27 Wahconah W 2-10
Apr 30 Hoosac Valley L 3-4
May 02 St. Joe's W 7-3
May 04 Lenox W 19-0
May 07 Pittsfield L 7-3
May 09 Lee W 8-2
May 11 New Lebanon W 0-11
May 14 Drury W 2-5
May 16 Mount Everett W 6-10
May 18 Hoosac Valley W 3-8
May 21 Lenox W 4-21
May 23 Taconic L 5-6
May 24 Mount Everett W 7-0
May 25 Taconic W 1-2
Jun 03 Hoosac Valley W 3-12
Jun 08 S. Hadley L 2-5
Ben Coleman.8005430010
Frank Rickus.5006313000
Eric Leitch.43288383019077
Mike Munzer.404471914170113
Nick DiSanti.403672716170134
Ted Burdick.40010453031
Billy Pulasky.368762830142158
Andrew Leitch.354652320262135
Robby Buffis.35020721030
Josh Fortier.33363211113251
Eddie Dufur.32050161310041
Ian Brink.30010327010
Sean Houston.233731724112218
Nicholas Zimmerman.220419611141
Derek Romejko.17229561052
Ben Alley.10010110010
Avery Cunningham.0008021010
Eric Leitch8838
Billy Pulasky7628
Nick DiSanti6727
Andrew Leitch6523
Josh Fortier6321
Mike Munzer4719
Sean Houston7317
Eddie Dufur5016
Nicholas Zimmerman419
Robby Buffis207
Derek Romejko295
Ben Coleman54
Ted Burdick104
Ian Brink103
Frank Rickus63
Ben Alley101
Avery Cunningham80
Eric Leitch8830
Billy Pulasky7630
Sean Houston7324
Andrew Leitch6520
Nick DiSanti6716
Mike Munzer4714
Eddie Dufur5013
Josh Fortier6311
Derek Romejko296
Nicholas Zimmerman416
Ted Burdick105
Ben Coleman53
Ian Brink102
Avery Cunningham82
Robby Buffis202
Ben Alley101
Frank Rickus61
Andrew Leitch6526
Eric Leitch8819
Mike Munzer4717
Nick DiSanti6717
Billy Pulasky7614
Josh Fortier6313
Sean Houston7311
Nicholas Zimmerman4111
Eddie Dufur5010
Ian Brink107
Ted Burdick103
Frank Rickus63
Robby Buffis201
Avery Cunningham81
Derek Romejko291
Ben Coleman50
Ben Alley100
Home RunsABHR
Sean Houston732
Josh Fortier632
Andrew Leitch652
Billy Pulasky762
Nicholas Zimmerman411
Eric Leitch880
Ted Burdick100
Ian Brink100
Derek Romejko290
Ben Alley100
Mike Munzer470
Frank Rickus60
Eddie Dufur500
Nick DiSanti670
Robby Buffis200
Ben Coleman50
Avery Cunningham80
Sean Houston7321
Billy Pulasky7615
Nick DiSanti6713
Andrew Leitch6513
Mike Munzer4711
Eric Leitch887
Derek Romejko295
Josh Fortier635
Nicholas Zimmerman414
Eddie Dufur504
Ted Burdick103
Robby Buffis203
Ian Brink101
Ben Alley101
Avery Cunningham81
Ben Coleman51
Frank Rickus60
Sean Houston738
Billy Pulasky768
Eric Leitch887
Andrew Leitch655
Nick DiSanti674
Mike Munzer473
Derek Romejko292
Josh Fortier631
Nicholas Zimmerman411
Ted Burdick101
Eddie Dufur501
Ian Brink100
Ben Coleman50
Ben Alley100
Avery Cunningham80
Frank Rickus60
Robby Buffis200
Andrew Leitch8-11.46161152.663513
Robby Buffis3-12.98171228.22715
Avery Cunningham2-44.53302741.76722
Ian Brink2-01.272211124
Ben Coleman1-13.3411714.67810
Eric Leitch0-07.0022231
Frank Rickus0-05.2533443

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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