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Pittsfield Announces First-Ever Business Development Manager

When it comes to growing and attracting businesses to the city, Michael Coakley is the guy you want to talk to.

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Pittsfield Launches Coordinated Approach to Economic Development

Christopher Kapiloff has some big contracts in the works for Laminated Technologies Inc. and he'll be looking to expand. He can expand anywhere and down south, where his competitors are based, it is less expensive to do business. But he is a Berkshire guy and grew his business in Pittsfield so he wants to stay. He went to the mayor's office and asked if there was some way the city could help cover the gap to build an expanded facility.

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Pittsfield Airport Study Group Questions FAA Compliance With Westwood Leases

The Airport Commission receives less than $2,000 a year from the seven businesses at the Westwood Center. In total, there is $20,312 generated in land leases from the park but 85 percent of that goes to the Pittsfield Economic Development Corporation, which developed the park in tandem with the city's Office of Community Development.

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