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Williamstown Artist Creates Replica of Roman Sculpture Panel

Sanders said he was working with Yeshiva on tasks like colorizing images of the arch, and in the course of that work proposed a three-dimensional replica of the panel. Once the museum said yes, he knew right where to turn: Neathawk, who owns Neathawk Designs on North Hoosac Street. After working up estimated and crunching the numbers, she agreed.

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Citizens Group Protests Berkshire Museum's Planned Art Sale

Save the art, pause the sale. Save the art, pause the sale. That's what was chanted outside of the Berkshire Museum by close to 50 community members who want to halt the museum's plans to sell some 40 pieces of artwork in an effort to straighten out its finances. The Berkshire Museum has had a $1.1 million annual deficit and has crafted plans to completely revamp the museum. That, however, includes auctioning off some $50 million work of artwork.

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More Drury Student Art Added to Cascade Building

After five years of large artwork being displayed on the street side of the old Brown Street factory building, two years' worth of slightly smaller but still colorful paintings now hang on the south side of the building along Grimes Street, near Cascade's front entrance.

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