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Barrett Updates Greylock Together on Legislation

He described himself as just a "back bencher" at this point, with little pull yet to really push anything through despite his many years in public service. Coming in halfway through the session, he hasn't had a chance to file his own legislation, rather working with other representatives and signing on to their efforts.

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Barrett Enters His First State Budget Debate, Sets Eyes on RTAs

State Rep. John Barrett is making a statement with a budget amendment for regional transit. Barrett said one penny on the sale tax ends up in the hands of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority and the rest of the regional transit authorities are getting shortchanged. This year the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority is considering hiking fares and reducing services as costs have increased but state support has remained level for the third consecutive year.

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Barrett Promises to Fight For The Glen

Barrett spent just under an hour Sunday fielding questions from club members at the Polish National Alliance and although he touched on issues that faced Northern Berkshire County as a whole, he zeroed in on the notorious Greylock Glen project that he promised to work toward completing.

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