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North Adams Library Taking New Measures to Prevent Drug Use Inside

The library will start locking the main bathroom doors and will install sharps disposal containers to deter drug use and discarded used needles in the facility.

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High Demand Shown For Pittsfield's Needle Exchange Program

The needle exchange program has collected more than 15,000 dirty needles in the first five months of this year. According to Berkshire Health Systems Director of Infection Prevention and Control Michael Perreault, that shows the need for the disease prevention program is there.

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Work Group Discusses Stigma Associated With Heroin Use

Terms like junky, addict, drug abuser, clean versus dirty, carry a negative connotation when it comes to the opioid epidemic. And that stigma makes it even more challenging to address the nationwide problem, according to Jennifer Michaels, medical director of the Brien Center.

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