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10 Most Dangerous Pittsfield Intersections: 2017 Edition

The ratings use a weighted system. If there is a fatality at an intersection, it is given a score of 10. If the accident causes a non-fatal injury, the intersection receives five points. An accident that only causes property damage receives one point. Over a three-year period, those scores then start to show specific areas that tend to see more and more serious accidents.

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Data Shows Serious Traffic Collisions On The Decline In The Berkshires

The county's rate of serious traffic accidents in the Berkshires is declining faster than the state average. Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Senior Transportation Planner Eammon Coughlin reported Tuesday projections that show a continual decline in the number of vehicle fatalities and serious injuries. Based on five-year rolling averages calculated each year, there has been a 17.27 percent decline in fatalities and a 15.57 percent decline in serious injuries since 2011.

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