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Lanesborough Considering Fines For Failing to Renew Business Certificate

The Board of Selectmen are considering a fine for businesses which do not keep up with its certificates. But, wants to get a better system to track that in place first. The Board of Selectmen have the ability to implement fines of up to $300 a month for a company which does not renew its certificate. An initial proposal was made to charge $200 a month, but Selectmen Henry "Hank" Sayers and Robert Ericson thought that may be too much.

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Pittsfield Looks To Raise Fines For Abandoning Dogs

The city is looking to raise the fine for abandoning a dog. The City Council's Ordinance and Rules Committee on Monday voted in favor of a number of changes to the local animal control laws. The changes including raising the fines for abandoning dogs, changing the fine structure for violations, and shortening the number the of days before a stray dog can head to adoptions.

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Adams to Increase Parking Fees, Fines

Motorists may see an increase in parking violations fees - but not until town officials are confident that enforcement will be consistent. The town is undergoing a review to update fees across the board. Town Administrator Tony Mazzucco is suggesting new parking violation fees of $15 to better align Adams with surrounding communities. The current parking ticket is $5 and noone is sure the last time it was updated.

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