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North Adams Honors Civil War Veteran, Eyewitness to Gettysburg Address

What sets Atwood apart from the many others lying next to him in Hill Side Cemetery are three remarkable minutes in his largely unremarkable life. Atwood probably didn't think much of those three minutes at the time; most of his contemporaries didn't either. And even the individual who spoke during those three minutes thought "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here."

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Lanesborough Couple Fighting to Save Historic, Family Farm

Thomas Olsen grew up on a farm in Norway. Then in 1923 he and his wife Randi immigrated to the United States, landing in New York. But the city life wasn't for him. He told his wife, "it's no way for a man to live" and every week he'd stash money aside in hopes to move to the country.

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Dr. Donovan Traces History of NARH to 1955; Third Volume in Works

Donovan finished the second part of his three-part self-published volume on the history of NARH last fall. This second part ends at 1955, just as the "new" hospital opened. The first volume covers its establishment up until 1910. The hospital was opened after a tragic train crash two years before. Built for about $20,000 including land, the imposing three-story, brick and limestone "cottage" style structure facing south took 16 months to complete. It had 12 beds and, that first year, had a pa

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