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Small Forgotten Hancock Library Spurred Back To Life

For the first year of being a trustee, she saw about 10 different people come through the library, which was only opened for two hours a week. She believed that many in town didn't even know it existed. So she started making the presence known.

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Berkshire Delegation Supports State Library Funding

The executive director of the Massachusetts Library System, which annually delivers 6.4 million items in the commonwealth's interlibrary loan system, said his non-profit has been hit hard by declining revenue and rising costs, chiefly in the form of an increased minimum wage. In 2002, the commonwealth funded MLS to the tune of $17.6 million; in FY17, that number was $9.9 million, a drop of 44 percent.

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North Adams Library May Seek Historic Grants for Repairs

The library may tap the Massachusetts Historical Commission for funds to mend structural issues in the older part of the building. However, it would need to raise funds to match the grant. Library Director Mindy Hackner told the trustees last week that architect Thomas Bartels, who was involved in the renovation and addition in 2003, surveyed the building and was concerned with the condition of the building's structure.

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