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Pittsfield Welcomes Serviceman Back From 5th Deployment

As soon as they saw the sirens coming down Wendell Avenue, the large crowd erupted in cheers: Tech Sgt Shane Willis is home safe. Willis returned to his hometown Friday night after his fifth deployment overseas. He was most recently stationed for seven months in Kuwait. He was previously deployed in Iraq three times and Afghanistan once. The 37-year-old Taconic High School graduate has been in the Air Force Reserve for 15 years now, joining when he was 22.

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Letter: Blue Star Parents Group Forming

Berkshire County has many residents serving in the military active, Reserves and Guard. Each military individual represents an entire family who is also sacrificing and supporting them. To help these families, Berkshire County Chapter for Blue Star Parents will hold its first gathering, Thursday, July 14, at 7 p.m. at the North Adams American Legion.

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Pittsfield Airport: Increased Military Traffic Caused By Training Demands

"It's the sound of freedom" is how the assistant airport manager describes the increased activity of military helicopters at the airport. Residents may have recently noticed many military helicopters flying overhead recently. But don't be alarmed: it's just practice.

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