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Second Film Tackles North Berkshires' Opioid Crisis

"Voices for Recovery: Building a Recovery Community" is the second locally produced documentary that addresses the opioid crisis in North County. Produced by local videographer Joe Aidonidis, it is the sequel to last year's "Faces: Five Voices from One Community," which focused on personal stories around addiction and recovery.

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Work Group Discusses Stigma Associated With Heroin Use

Terms like junky, addict, drug abuser, clean versus dirty, carry a negative connotation when it comes to the opioid epidemic. And that stigma makes it even more challenging to address the nationwide problem, according to Jennifer Michaels, medical director of the Brien Center.

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Coalition Forum Tackles Opioid Abuse Epidemic

The Northern Berkshire Community Coalition sponsored a screening of “Faces: Five Voices from One Community – Addiction and Recovery in North Berkshire” by local videographer Joe Aidonidis at the theater in place of its usual monthly forum in the First Baptist Church.

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