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Neal Ready to Negotiate an Infrastructure Bill

The ranking Democrat in the Ways and Means Committee wants to get to negotiations on an infrastructure bill. President Donald Trump is proposing a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill to fix the nation's roads, bridges, airports, and railways. And that is exactly the kind of bill U.S. Rep. Richard Neal has been wanting for years. But, the Berkshire's congressman says negotiating how that will be paid is still on the table.

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Pittsfield Council Wants More Details on $74M Wastewater Project

The City Council doesn't want to rush into making a $74 million decision. Mayor Linda Tyer had put forth a petition calling for the borrowing of $74 million for a massive project with the wastewater system. The city is under an administrative order from the Environmental Protection Agency holding the system to higher standards of phosphorus, aluminum treatment, and nitrogen removal. The project has been in design for about a year, coming after years of ultimately losing appeals in federal cou

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