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Pittsfield Schools Ending Student Resource Center Program

The school district is ending its long-time partnership with the Sheriff's Office to provide alternative education. Since 2006 the district has been contracting with the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office to run the Student Resource Center, formerly known as the Juvenile Resource Center. The program was for out of school suspensions and the district is now restructuring the way it handles discipline, reducing the number of out of school suspensions altogether.

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Pittsfield Schools Decreasing Number of Suspensions

The School Department is taking a fresh look at discipline and so far that has led to 155 fewer days of out of school suspension. Superintendent Jason McCandless presented the numbers to the School Committee on Wednesday. With a bolstering of the number of school adjustment councilors and registered behavior technicians, the district has been implementing new practices to improve behavior - that includes the creation of a restorative justice program but also rethinking the way principals hand

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