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Clarksburg Officials Want Solar Arrays to Pay Taxes

Town officials estimate that taxing the two ground-mounted arrays could bring in upwards of $27,000 but recent rulings by the Appellate Tax Board have found in favor of industrial solar arrays because of a state law exempting solar facilities.

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Pittsfield FinCom Supports Pot Tax For Roads, Disagree on Details

It may not be the marijuana tax. It may not be 50 percent. It may not even be a stabilization account. But the City Council's Finance Committee agrees on developing a funding mechanism for road maintenance in the future. The conversation came from a petition put forth by Councilor Christopher Connell and Melissa Mazzeo. The two pitched the idea of taking 50 percent of the local tax the city receives from marijuana sales and stashing it aside in a stabilization account specifically for road wo

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State House Passes Act That Helps Preserve Family Farms

H.3915, An Act to establish estate tax valuation for farms, would change the method for assessment of the estate tax valuation for agricultural land. Pignatelli, of Lenox, worked with Hogan to include the agricultural estate tax reform bill as part of a larger environmental bond bill that seeks to address the commonwealth's climate change preparedness and response plans.

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