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Williamstown Switches Walden Street to Two-Way Traffic

The Board of Selectmen on Monday approved a project to clear up town-owned hiking trails and cleared the way for restoration of two-way traffic on a downtown street. The street in question is Walden Street, which runs to the west of Spring Street. The town has discussed a change from the current one-way traffic pattern for months as part of a broader traffic change that may eventually include extending the road through to South Street.

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Police: Inexperienced Tractor-Trailer Drivers Cause Bottlenecks at Roundabout

Police Chief Richard Tarsa says the recent tractor-trailer incidents at the under-construction roundabout were caused by inexperienced drivers. Resident Jeffrey Lefebvre brought up concerns to the Selectmen on Wednesday about the roundabout project and the numerous truck incidents that have occurred over the past few weeks.

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Pittsfield OKs Borrowing $2M for Woodlawn Intersection Projects

Mayor Linda Tyer is "confident" the city will win a grant to improve the intersections on each side of Woodlawn Avenue. The City Council approved an authorization to borrow just over $2 million for to renovate the intersections of Woolawn and East and Woodlawn and Tyler Streets.

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