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A crew from Graphic Impact Signs works on the Misty Moonlight Diner in Pittsfield.

Maintaining Your Current Sign Offers Many Benefits

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Dust and clutter begins to take over as we hibernate for winter, waiting for the highly anticipated weather of spring and summer to provide a fresh start through the ritual of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is not only for emptying garages and raking lawns, but it is also the perfect time to spruce up your business's sign.

By regularly maintaining your current sign through the completion of seasons one can significantly save their company money. Companies are always torn between two very popular provers: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" and "Prevention is better than cure" - and this is especially true when it comes to signage. Now you may be asking, what are the benefits of sign maintenance? Well, a few are:

* New Cliental

* Appearance of sign

* Safety of sign and customer

* Longevity of signage

* Peace of mind

With warmer weather comes more people spending more time outside. Your sign is especially part of corporate identity and the success of any company partly relies on its physical appearance. The physical appearance of a company is one of the most important things because, let's face it, it's the first thing the customer sees. It is how customers prejudge whether they would be interested in investing in your company's product.

By having a strong and fresh physical appearance, your company builds a stronger brand awareness and the potential of more cliental. By taking the time to clean off directional signs that may have been covered with sand from plows or dirt from the more frequent rainstorms, the original purpose of the sign may once again be achieved by bringing your companies identity back to life when customers are driving by simply cleaning your existing sign.

Also by regularly cleaning and maintaining one's signs, the chance of a sign related injury can be avoided. With routine maintenance checks on all signage, a company can prevent any event that may occur and by doing so increasing the longevity of any sign. Think of it like an investment on a car: You buy a brand new car and drive it off the lot. At first, you treat this car like it is your child. You clean out the inside whenever there is any trash or spec of dust, or you wash it as soon as it gets muddy. When the brakes start squeaking you get them checked or even changed.

How come we don't do this with other investments in our life, like a sign? When your sign gets dirty do you go out and clean it? If its bent or no longer standing straight up, do you have it fixed or straighten out? Most likely you answered no to most of these questions, but why? Your company or yourself has made an investment on an asset so why not have the maximum return of investment.

Finally, with a routine sign maintenance and cleaning program, one experiences more peace of mind. How? Simply because they no longer have to worry if their sign is driving customers through their door, or because they know there is a very small chance of their customers being injured when on their premise. By knowing these few tidbits of information, they can go put selling their product on the front burner and solely focus on making more money for their company.

Who wants to be worrying about the small things like maintaining and cleaning your sign when they can be taken care for you? Call your local sign company and set a schedule where we can take care of these things for you.

Graphic Impact Signs can be reached at 800-458-2376, 575 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield MA 01201, or online.


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