Letter: Barrett Will Help Cheshire as State Representative

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To the Editor:

This last year the parents of Cheshire children faced terrible choices. Because a lack of planning and more important a lack of state funding for our schools, we were forced to close our local school. Rather then see their small children spend hours on the bus to schools in Adams or see their young children mixed with high school students, parents chose to move or take their children out of the HVRSD [sic] or even move out of town.

We need leadership that will make sure that funding is made available to re-open our local school, not only for children but to help Cheshire grow.

Others in the past have promised to,help, but paid little attention to needs of Cheshire. I urge everyone who cares about our children and our town to get out and vote for the one candidate that will keep his promise to help. Vote for a John Barrett, who has proven he can do the job.

Jim Boyle
Cheshire, Mass. 



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