Letter: Melissa Mazzeo for Mayor

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To the Editor:

We would give Ms. Mazzeo our vote for mayor of Pittsfield in a heartbeat!

She is an educated, intelligent woman, who researches issues before speaking about them.

In our opinion, if she had been told, by the state, that Pittsfield had to prove that the city could make some of its own money, she may have agreed to parking meters, but not those user-unfriendly kiosks.

Northampton, a much larger city than Pittsfield, has parking meters, but they are easy to use, all the person parking needs to do is insert quarters into the parking meter. If you are dining and seeing a movie, insert the number of quarters needed.

Here in Pittsfield, I see folks trying to find out how to operate the things.

I, along with many, refuse to use them and only venture downtown (upstreet) when the meters are not in operation.

Carla and Robert Skidmore
Pittsfield, Mass.




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