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Moon Looks to Bring Diverse Views to Council in Re-election Bid
At a ward meeting, Helen Moon was elated to see a young woman in her 20s take a seat in the audience. At ward meetings and at the polls, it is often the same group of people making their voices heard. But this woman wasn't someone Moon had heard much from in the past so it made her happy to see more and more people involved.

New Williams Inn Opens on Spring Street
The $32 million, 64-room hotel at the bottom of Spring and Latham streets replaces the 100-room original hotel at Field Park that closed on July 31. The older inn, purchased by Williams College in 2014, was considered outdated and energy inefficient for an institution that's committed itself to sustainabilility.

Youth Works Participants Honored in Pittsfield
The program is intended to provide coaching and mentorship to help young people take the first step in their careers. It has been ongoing in Pittsfield for 15 years, and for the last six Guardian Life Insurance has contributed.

Adams-Cheshire Committee Interviews Superintendent Finalists
The full committee on Thursday interviewed superintendent candidates Aaron Dean, principal of Pittsfield's Crosby Elementary School, and Beth Choquette, principal of Northampton's Bridge Street School. Both have previously worked for Adams-Cheshire.

Mazzeo Presses Tyer On Capital Projects Never Completed
The cracked and worn steps to City Hall stood between two mayoral candidates Tuesday night. Councilor At Large and mayoral candidate Melissa Mazzeo and Mayor Linda Tyer sparred during the City Council meeting over the lack of repairs to those steps. In 2015, a storm led to significant flooding in the basement of City Hall and damaged records.

OLLI Forum Delves Into Issue of Ageism
At one point, Ashton Applewhite's biggest fear was that she'd end up "drooling in an institution" when she got old. She was worried about memory loss. She didn't want to live a depressed life. Getting old was not something she wanted to even think about. But something changed when she embarked on a project writing about people over the age of 80 and still working.

BCC Hosts Pittsfield Ward, Mayoral Debates for Preliminary Election
Berkshire Community College is hosting the Pittsfield's Ward 5 and Ward 6 debates on Monday, Aug. 19, at 6 p.m. in the Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room K-111, at its main campus, 1350 West St.

Pittsfield Council Continues Discussion On Downtown Parking
For the third time in four months, the City Council said it wants to have a full conversation about downtown parking. But it still hasn't determined how to do that - whether that means hiring a consultant or doing it internally. On Tuesday, the council agreed to have the city solicitor craft an order to have the newly constructed Summer Street surface lot have 90 minutes of free parking instead of the current 30 minutes. But not before many councilors pled for a wider examination of the overa

New Owners of Chick's in Adams Plan Reopening
The Selectmen's License Subcommittee reviewed an all-alcohol license transfer for the bar on Wednesday that would allow the new owners of 128 Colombia St. to re-establish the pub.

Pittsfield City Council Accepts Increased Chapter 70 School Spending Plan
City Council approved a spending plan for the nearly $1.3 million Chapter 70 increase that will improve the district's alternative school and fill staffing gaps.

Two Will Be Interviewed For Adams-Cheshire Superintendent
Only two candidates will be interviewed Thursday for the Adams Cheshire Regional School District superintendent position with candidate Martin McEvoy withdrawing his name from consideration.

Adams Parks Commission Sets Fall Season Field Uses
The Parks Commission on Monday took care of most of the fall requests for field usage. Four separate groups were represented and although a few issues cropped up, all requests were approved.

Incumbent Tyer Seeks to Build 'Strong City' in Re-election Bid
Linda Tyer feels her administration has begun building a strong city and is looking for it to be stronger. The incumbent mayor is seeking re-election to the post as she wraps up her, and the city's, first four-year term. The mayor previous served as a ward councilor and city clerk prior to being elected.

Pittsfield Schools Launching New African-American Studies Courses
Mabel Hamilton remembers when stories of the African American history wasn't just passed down from family to family, it was reinforced in schools. The city school system had offered African American studies classes, delving into the history and contributions of the black community as part of the American story. But a few decades ago, the school district cut the class and that history faded from the curriculum.

Cheshire Elects Francesconi, DeAngelis to Select Board
Michelle Francesconi and Ron DeAngelis won the special election Tuesday to fill two newly created seats on the Board of Selectmen.

North Adams Peebles Store Changing Name, Focus
Peebles Department Store in the downtown is going to be turned into a Gordmans, a discount retailer, early next year.

'Guardians' Sculptures Being Removed from Natural Bridge Park
This art installation, although originally intended for the Ashuwillticook Trail, was placed at the Natural Bridge State Park here in North Adams where it has remained for the past 15 years.

Lanesborough Selectmen in Talks to Buy New Gravel Bed
The town is considering buying a new gravel bed on Ore Bed Road. Town officials have been in talks with Dennis Condron about purchasing a piece of property across from the town's landfill. Selectman Henry "Hank" Sayers said the property has about 50,000 yards of gravel in the lot while the town's current landfill is nearly empty.

Pittsfield School Committee Accepts Increased Chapter 70 Spending Plan
The School Committee set a spending plan for an extra $1.3 million increase in state funding that it hadn't anticipated Monday night. The plan is eyed to benefit the middle and elementary schools as well as alternative programs.

Planning Board Recommends Zoning Change for Former Church Lot
The property, which comprises the former St. Francis of Assisi church location and its rectory, was split into three different zones: residential, industrial and commercial.

Persip Focuses On Collaboration In Council Re-election Bid
Earl Persip knows that he doesn't have all of the answers. And that's why he listens to others. He said in Pittsfield 100 people will have 100 different views on an issue and he feels his job as a councilor is to listen to them all and find the best solution.

Five Candidates Make Final Pitch to Cheshire Voters
The five candidates for the Board of Selectmen made their final pitches to dozens of residents at the Community Center Friday night. The forum, hosted by Gene Gebarowski, gave the candidates five minutes each to address the crowd before breaking into informal question and answer sessions. The election is on Tuesday. First up were the three candidates vying for one seat for a two-year term.

Field Debate Causes Friction on Mount Greylock Committee
The Mount Greylock School Committee Thursday considered questions that have been raised about a plan to install an artificial turf field at the middle-high school — including concerns raised by members of the committee itself. But one committee member and strong advocate for maintaining the course agreed upon earlier this spring said the time for asking questions is over.   2 Comments

Williamstown Historical Museum Hosts Hay Day Fair
Sarah Currie, the executive director of the Williamstown Historical Museum, said she was thrilled with the large crowd and beautiful day for the fair, which serves as a fundraiser for the museum’s mission of preserving Williamstown’s history.

Berkshire Business Interns Recognized for Summer Efforts
The Berkshire Business Interns, winnowed from more than 500 applications this past spring, worked in 20 different organizations, businesses and municipalities throughout the county this summer. About two-thirds hail from the Berkshires.

Adams ConCom Praise Organic Herbicide Used On Rail Trail
Adams Conservation Commission praised the use of an organic herbicide on the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail. At Thursday’s commission meeting members discussed the process that resulted in an organic herbicide being applied along the trail to knock down some overgrown vegetation.

Williamstown Parks & Rec Advisory Committee Conducting Survey
The committee is charged with gathering input from residents and organizations and compiling a list of recommendations to report back to the Select Board, which created the ad hoc committee earlier this year.

North Adams' Belltower Records to Host Summer Jam II
It is easy to lose a few hours on the third floor of the Norad Mill digging through the overflowing record crates at the independent music store.

Latura Brings 'No Filter' Into Race For City Council
Richard Latura wants his hometown back the way he remembers it and he doesn't care how that happens - legal or not. Latura is running for an at large seat on the city council. He doesn't like what is happening in the city and he wants to make it safe, cut out political nonsense, and reel in the taxes.

Pittsfield Health Looking For Balance With New Microblading Laws
The Board of Health is trying to craft rules around microblading that both ensures public safety while also not being overly restrictive. The Health Department took up the issue in January after the city received multiple inquiries about opening a microblading practice. It's a relatively new trend similar to tattooing. It is a beauty service in which less permanent ink is injected into the skin for such things as eyebrows or eyeliner. It has been growing in popularity and when the questions a

iBerkshiresTV Discusses Domestic Violence, Opioids on Latest Episode
We took on some big issues on the latest episode of iBerkshiresTV. Benjamin Lamb is one of the founders of a new organization in North County aimed to get men to do their part in curbing domestic violence. Men Initiating Change in North County is bringing men together show role model appropriate behavior and speak up when they see signs of abuse. Editor Tammy Daniels talked with Lamb about the group's founding and goals.

Pittsfield Firefighter Befriends Teen Rescued From Springside Park
When a teenager fell some 25 feet into an abandoned cistern at Springside Park, Firefighter Mike Marran was the first one down there with him. He kept him calm and talked sports, he took care of the wounds, secured him into a halfback, and the other first responders pulled him out through a tri-pod set up. It is what Mike Marran is trained to do as a member of the Western Massachusetts Technical Rescue Team.

Ashland Street Improvements Next Big Project in North Adams
The street's seen significant improvements over the past decade with public/private investment such as building renovations, the Clark Biscuit residential project and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' new facilities building.

Three Running For Two-Year Cheshire Selectman Seat
E. Richard Scholz, Michael Biagini, and Ronald DeAngelis are vying for a two-year seat on the expanded five-member Board of Selectmen.

Adams Looking to Fill Long-Vacant DPW Director Post
The personnel subcommittee of the Board of Selectmen is recommending a job description to a full meeting of the board on Wednesday. Once approved, the conversation can turn to advertising.

Bernard, Tyer Join With 1,000 Mayors Against Gun Violence
Mayor Thomas Bernard has joined Pittsfield's Mayor Linda Tyer in signing onto to the principles of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition following the deadly shootings that killed more than 30 people.

Williamstown Celebrates New Police Station With Ribbon Cutting, Night Out Open House
Johnson was joined by Town Manager Jason Hoch, members of the construction team, two members of the town’s select board, a representative from Williams College, Rep. John Barrett III and Sen. Adam Hinds to celebrate the creation of a facility that was long needed but relatively quickly delivered once the ball got rolling.

Warren Seeks to Become Problem Solver For Pittsfield's Ward 1
Kenneth Warren still has the old files from when he was sitting on what was then known as an "asbestos committee." Asbestos was found throughout the city's elementary schools and there were parents were rightly concerned. They wanted to know what city officials would do to keep their children safe.

Pittsfield Considers Re-Hiring Consultant For Parking Management
In a split 3-2 vote, the City Council's Ordinance and Rules subcommittee recommended 90-minute parking in the newly constructed Summer Street lot. But it urged the administration to bring back the original consultant to do an updated analysis of the parking meter plan.

DeFino, Francesconi Up For Cheshire Selectman Seat
The special election for two more seats — a two-year and the three-year — will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 13, from 9 to 7 at the Community Center.

Vt., Mass. Merger Committee Begins Planning Next Steps
For the committee on Monday night, the goal was to craft a request for proposals for a part-time consultant to work over the next seven months.

Adams Selectmen Discuss Offloading Community Center
The Community Center on East Street needs an estimated $1 million renovations and may end up demolished.

Norad Mill Opens In-House Cafe
The Norad Cafe joins dozens of businesses already in the former Exelcior Mill and has been on the priority list for mill developer David Moresi since taking possession of the structure.

Maffuccio Seeks Return to Pittsfield Council's Ward 7 Seat
Former Ward 7 City Councilor Anthony Maffuccio felt that when he left office, there was a lot of positive momentum in the city and things were trending well. But, a decade later, he feels that momentum has come to a halt. He feels a lack of collaboration between the City Council and the mayor's office has led to a "stale government."

Dalton Fire Dedicates New Engine, Honors Member's Heroic Effort
On Sunday, the department held a ceremony recognizing both the history and the future. The firefighters dedicated their new Engine 1 to the only Dalton firefighter to die while on duty and presented a Medal of Valor to a current firefighter for his role in saving a woman's life last month.

Barrett Applauds Budget Increase for Career Centers
State Rep. John Barrett is particularly happy that there is extra money in the state budget for MassHire career centers and he's hoping to expand on a pilot program for on the job training. Barrett had gotten money for the Berkshire career center last year to pilot a workforce development program at McCann Technical School. The program engaged General Dynamics and is eyed to line up the job training programs with the needs of the company.

Tel-Electric Dam Removal Starts Monday in Pittsfield
The demolition of the Mill Street — or Tel-Electric — dam will begin on Monday. The project has been years in the making and the dam has been failing for years. The dam is attached to the Hawthorne Mill Building, which used to house the Tel-Electric Piano Player Co. Factory, and had been cited by the Massachusetts Office of Dam Safety as being in a hazardous condition nearly 20 years ago.

Adams Celebrates Important Local Women, Displays 'First Ladies' Quilt
Committee unveiled the "First Ladies Quilt" and Wall of Recognition at Town Hall on Friday evening with small reception.

Brown Water Result of North Adams Hydrant Flushing
The Department of Public Services flushes the hydrants annually to clear any sedimentation in the water lines, which allows water to run clear again.

Greylock Federal Donates Bikes for North Adams Community Policing
The officers are highly visible in their neon yellow shirts and being on bikes offers a friendlier opportunity to relate to children and residents. Plus, Beverly said, being on a bicycle lets officers see and hear things they wouldn't normally see and hear in a cruiser.

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