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SABIC's Departure Prompts Pittsfield Response Plan for Affected Workers
"We will have the rapid response team available to go on the property of SABIC and start working with those employees." — Daniel Bianchi

Berkshire Scenic Railway Offering Round-Trip Rides From Adams
"MassDOT knew that we needed to run for the fall foliage. We just got word this afternoon." — Jay Green

North Adams Library Air Quality Under Question
"Four people called in sick and we were left with barely enough to keep going." — Mindy Hackner

Colegrove Park School Project Overseers Rebut Safety Concerns
"It is discouraging to these hardworking men and women to have their work disparaged." — Margo Jones

Adams-Cheshire District Pledges Better Communication With Cheshire
"I think that put a damper on the whole budget process, and it was just confusing this year." — Carol Francesconi

Tyer, Bianchi Set Priorities in West Side Initiative Debate
The debate was put on by the West Side Neighborhood Initiative, with WAMC's Jim Levulis as moderator.

SABIC to Leave Pittsfield; 300 Area Jobs to Be Lost
"I think this was a decision that had nothing to do with the city. It had everything to do with their corporate mission." — Daniel Bianchi

Cheshire Fire Department Treasurer Accused of Larceny
Everett "Gus" Martin, 80, is facing larceny charges after $32,588 was discovered missing.

Pittsfield Housing Authority: Worcester's Program Not A Fit Here
"Let's look at them as a individual cases." — Charles Smith

Lanesborough FinCom Continues Discussion On School Funding
"You can't cut your way out of it." — Steve Wentworth

North Adams Fire Department Opens Doors To Public
"It's a way for the community to see what we do and we talk fire safety." — Fire Director Stephen Meranti

Clarksburg Voters to Decide School Feasibility Funding
"I think the line items should be made whole with the town side first and the school side second." — Mark Denault

Pittsfield Approves Renaming Pitt Park For Reverand Durant
"They made our neighborhood the best to live in." — Vicki Kane

Heating Leak Causes Thursday Closure at Williamstown Elementary
"When crews come in dragging hoses and things through the hallway, it's not a good environment for learning." — Douglas Dias

Pine Valley Mobile Home Park in Cheshire To Be Sold
"It is interesting to think that they would have to be better. It seems like it can't get any worse." — Robert Ciskowski

Brayton School Receives $35,000 in Donations Toward iPad Program
"We've been trying to reach out to community partners and alumni and any source we can for funding to help us upgrade our technology at Brayton." — Principal John Franzoni

Alternative Route Being Mulled for North Adams Bike Path
"These concerns are understandable, particularly in a neighborhood that is closely knit and experiences very little visitation from non-residents." — Lauren Gaherty

Bianchi: DPW To Be Ready For When Snow Flies
"We're going to have more ahead of time in hopes that we don't get in a crunch like we did last year." — Daniel Bianchi

Pittsfield Expands Role of Police Advisory Commission
"Our role was pretty limited in terms of police advisory." — Alan Righi

North Berkshire School Union Raises Substitute Rates
"If we're paying $70 and Williamstown is paying $80, they're going to Williamstown." — John Solari

Williamstown Building Commissioner Addresses Economic Development Panel
"The state building code is just that: a state building code. It doesn't change from town to town." — Ryan Contenta

Berkshire Tidbits: Harvest Fests, Historic Fare Fill Weekend
"I doubt that you will see anything from Betty Crocker come from Barbara," Opperman said with a laugh.

Styrofoam Ban To Go To Pittsfield Council Without Subcommittee Support
"It is taking a choice away and to me, that is something that shouldn't be taken away." — Kevin Morandi

Adams-Cheshire School Committee Halts Costa Rica Fundraising
"I feel bad because there are kids that want to go, thatís why I am torn." — Stephan Vigna

North Adams Planners OK Events at Greylock Mill, New Zoning Ordinance
"Once it's a legal use you cannot go back to an illegal use." — Wayne Wilkinson

Alcombright Outspends Challengers in Run Up to Preliminary
Campaign spending reports were due on Sept. 14 for the period of Jan. 1 to Sept. 4; the next reporting deadline is Oct. 26.

Williams Shares Plans for Future Construction
"One of the college's goals is we do not build anything unless it's net zero energy." — Rita Coppola-Wallace

Thousands Rally In Springfield in Support of Sanders
"We are living in a rigged economy. Heads they win, tails you lose. That has got to change." — Bernie Sanders

Conservation Commission Approve Paving Project Without DEP's Blessings
"I cannot understand why all of the sudden white is black and black is white." — James Fassell

Adams Anthony Center Focuses on Creative Spaces
"We can be the people that figure out how to get the projects done and that will turn the town around." — William Kolis

Barrett Withdraws From MCLA Mayoral Debate
The debate was proposed and organized by a state and local politics class being taught by J. Benjamin Taylor.   1 Comment

Northern Berkshire Children's Parade Winners Announced
Two groups even copied costumes that had been worn by parents and relatives in past parades

'The Intern': Works Well Enough
Now, I don't want De Niro to take it the wrong way when I say he has gone from Godfather to Fairy Godfather.

Bianchi's Name To Sit Atop November Election Ballot
Representatives from each campaign sealed their candidate's name in a small envelop and the clerks pulled them from a box to determine the order.

2015 Fall Foliage Festival Events
"There will be hundreds and hundreds of hotdogs," said Director of Communications Jodi Joseph

Adams-Cheshire School Committee OKs Mediation Program; Holds Costa Rica Trip
"What we are trying to do is let them know that we are here to try to solve problems." — William Ballen

Pittsfield's 2015 MCAS Scores: Good, Bad, Ugly
"We definitely saw some good. We definitely saw some bad. We definitely saw some ugly." — Jason McCandless

North Adams' UNO Program Celebrates 25 Years
"They called us the vigilantes; we were tough." — Shirley Davis

State Breaks Ground On War Memorial Tower Renovations
"We will fulfill our mission to bring back the glory of the War Memorial." — Carol Sanchez

Sonsini Animal Shelter Celebrating Renovations
A public open house will be held on Saturday, Oct. 3, from noon to 5.

Pittsfield Authorizes Payment Of Dated Bills
"The result is that we didn't leave enough money for these other bills." — Bruce Collingwood

North County Emergency Responders Receive National Award
"You could say that we do it better than anyone else right now, and it's a team effort." — Amalio Jusino

Southwestern Vermont Medical Prepped for 'Active Shooter' Scenario
"They reported this morning that our emergency department was the best drill they've ever witnessed." — Leslie Keefe

Lanesborough Linking Police Software With Sheriff's Department
"We are fortunate to have this close by asset." — Paul Sieloff

Annual BerkshireWorks Job Fair Offered More Jobs, More Employers
"I think that it is a sign that the recession is receding and companies are hiring." — Amy Demarest

MSBA Board Votes Mount Greylock Regional School into Schematic Design Phase
In the Schematic Design phase, the Mount Greylock Regional School District and the MSBA will look at possible options for an addition and renovation project at the school.

Adams-Cheshire OKs Letter to Lanesborough; Discusses Eliminating Class Rank
"I don't think it is a good measure for students' abilities." — Regina Hill

Appointment of Special Police Officers Petitions Rejected in Pittsfield
"These have no impact on our staffing abilities or our current operations." — Michael Wynn

Mount Greylock Explains Apportionment Plan to Williamstown Selectmen
"One thing ... is making sure the agreement is equitable not only at the moment of bonding but making sure it's equitable dynamically." — Steven Miller

Cheshire Sells Depot Street Property
"Good, the property is no longer ours." — Carol Francesconi

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B Soccer: Lenox at Hoosac...
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Girls X Country: at Wahconah
The Lenox girls dominated their race with the top four...
Boys X Country: at Wahconah
Drury junior Connor Meehan ran a time of 16 minutes, 25...
Girls Volleyball: Lee at...
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