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North Adams Housing Agency Finds Potential Buyers For Properties
"However, that said, it is the North Adams Ambulance Service, and it is going to good people and it's going to serve a purpose." — Jennifer Hohn

Area Religious Groups Join Social Justice Efforts in New Organization
What if we pooled that all that energy together and turn it into something where we can move as one body?" — the Rev. Jennifer Gregg

Pancake Breakfast Slated To Help Lanesborough Firefighter Beat Cancer
"He's a tough kid, a fighter." — PJ Pannesco

Williams Students Aim to Break Record Lego Build Time
"They said, 'You love math. You're going to be a math major here. And you love Legos.' " — Jacob Broude

Williamstown — Finally — Decides on Town Flag
The board had other, arguably weightier topics on its agenda Monday.

Pittsfield Residents Wary of Taconic High School Cost
"Where are we going to get this $40 million?" — Ellen Fothergill

Lanesborough Voters Will Be Asked to Decide School Affiliations
"Our thought was that any educational change that is major should be up to the voters and not a transient school committee." — Regina DiLego

Williamstown Selectmen to Hire Consultant for Town Manager Search
"We decided we would use an outside recruiting firm." — Ronald Turbin

'Blizzard of 2015' Causing School Closings, Cancellations
Snow is expected to begin falling in the Berkshires this afternoon, with heavier accumulations after 4 p.m.

Pittsfield Traffic Panel Asked to Restore Crosswalk Near Allendale
"It is a situation where somebody is going to get hurt." — Bob Parsons

Mount Greylock School District Facing Tough Budget Choices
"Basically, they said they want us to cut out budget." — Carolyn Greene

Berkshire County UCP Holds Final Telethon
"We believe the community support is so solid that they'll be behind us with whatever we do." — Christine Singer

North Adams Airport Panel Delays Project Vote; Talks Derelict Plane
"So what they are doing right now, it is very clear, is playing us." — William Greenwald

Falchuk Looking To Grow Independent Party, Reject Olympics
"The history of the Olympic Games is that they cost 200 times more than people estimate." — Evan Falchuk.

Four Sworn Into Berkshire Commission on the Status of Women
"We have the power to convene a group of people on behalf of the women of Berkshire County." — Gwendolyn Hampton VanSant

Williamstown Native Hosting New HGTV Design Show
"For some reason, I always knew that hosting was going to be the thing that propelled my career. And it did." — Jay Montepare

Ward Councilors Holding Public Session on Taconic High Project
The meeting is being hosted by Ward 1 City Councilor Lisa Tully and Ward 2 City Councilor Kevin Morandi for their constituents.

Adams Historical Commission Talks Susan B. Anthony Signage
"I'd like to see some really classy signs when you come into Adams saying 'This is The Birthplace of Susan B. Anthony,' " — Joseph Nowak said

Williamstown Adds Electric Car Charging Station
"It's not meant to be buried in a parking lot and hard to find. We thought we'd make it visible, convenient for everyone." — Fred Puddester

Lenox, Mount to Celebrate Edith Wharton's Birthday
"People are just going to cozy up and read." — Grace Leathrum

Adams Town Administrator Settles In; Two Police Officers Promoted
"I spent a lot of time in the last week and a half getting out there trying to meet as many people as I can and get to know the community." — Anthony Mazzucco

Human Rights Commission Dismisses Case Against Bianchi
"I don't agree with what the state said in terms of coming to this determination." — Pamela Malumphy

Williamstown CPC Recommends Requests to Town Meeting
"It's my observation of how this committee operates that it's easier to fund projects than not to fund them." — Jeffrey Thomas

North Adams Cemetery Commission Squares Away New Signage
"Hillside was established in 1798 which is pretty old…so I wanted to see something more rustic or colonial." — Roger Eurbin

Adams Approves Grant Strategy to Address Memorial Building Repairs
"You need to be able to prove ... that you have the capital to go ahead and maintain the building if it is given to you." — Joseph Nowak

Lenox Town Manager Proposing $27.7M Budget for FY16
"The town is no longer in a defensive posture in respect of reserves." — Christopher Ketchen

Co-Workingspace Opens at 85 Main in North Adams
"I hope people will say two things about this: It's where I go to get things done; the other is, let's meet up at Cloud85." — Jeffrey Thomas

Concert, Beer Fest, Fireworks Lined Up For Pittsfield Common
"We are all looking forward to wrapping up this project." — James McGrath

Pittsfield's Newly Renovated Ray Crow Park Vandalized
"Just a few days after Christmas, the playground was tagged heavily and a fire was lit in the brand new tube slide." — James McGrath

Cheshire Selectman: Town Will Have to Take Stand on Pipeline
"I came into the pipeline meeting neutral ... but I think we are going to be in this up to our neck." — Selectman Robert Ciskowski

Site Visit Kicks Off Tyler Street Redevelopment Efforts
"This is a great old neighborhood with a lot of potential." — Mayor Daniel Bianchi

Williamstown Officials Discuss Mount Greylock Expansion Proposal
"It's kind of like: We're living together, it's not working out, let's get married." — Hugh Daley

MCLA Search Committee Closing in on Presidential Candidates
"The college community will have the opportunity in the near future to meet the finalists that emerge as the result of these interviews." — Denise Marshall

Adams Cemetery Commission Looks To Utilize Chapter 90 Funds
"It would be nice to get $40,000 and finish up Bellevue." — David Nuvallie

Williams College Reminded of Real Martin Luther King
"The man who was killed was not the one we celebrate. We ignore the one who rubbed us the wrong way." — Leslie Brown

Hundreds Volunteer for Annual North Berkshire King Day
"I see you frowning, I try to get you to smile — because I can't stop smiling." — Phyllis Jarrett

Business Specialist Outlines Services to Maple Grove Civics Club
"I feel like CDCs really help seed the market with small businesses." — Dawn Broadwell

Taconic School Project Decisions Needed in Next Few Months
"There is a lot coming in the coming months." — Jason McCandless.

Williamstown School Employee Gets 'Soup-er' Win
"When they told us we'd won, I couldn't even process it." — Joelle Brookner

BRPC: Inclusionary Zoning Helps Towns Increase Affordable Housing
"We're trying to figure out how to get more affordable housing into our communities." — Brian Domina

Berkshire County Residents Hear Concerns About Kinder Morgan Pipeline
"It's never happened to them anywhere else; they have never tried to go through a state like Massachusetts." — Jane Winn

Williamstown Elementary Committee Starts Budget Discussion
This year's Renzi Award winners are Hazel Scullen, Gina Wang, Charles McWeeny and Kyle Trottier.

Berkshire Grown Holds Winter Farmers' Markets
"Farmers' markets are about generating income for farmers and local food producers directly." — Barbara Zheutlin

BRPC Raising Community Assessments 2.5 Percent
"It will not solve the general fund's problem but we need to take every step possible to return it to a positive situation." — Nathaniel Karns

North Adams Preschool Service Project Touches on Illness, Empathy
"My biggest pull away from this is teaching children empathy towards others." — Rosemarie Dzierga

Adams Fitness Center Welcomes New Hula Hoop Program
"The benefits of hooping and adding it to the traditional workouts are great. You can be 5 or you can be 95 hooping." — Charlene Candiloro

Pittsfield Task Force Investigating Privatizing Water/Wastewater Systems
"I just want to see if it is financially within our realm to do this and whether it will make sense for the city." — Christopher Connell

Williamstown Mortgage Assistance Program Recipient 'Thankful'
"I knew Nina would be the poster child for this program. She's perfect in so many ways." — Vivienne Jaffe

Third Annual Polar Plunge Returns To Onota Lake On Valentine's Day
"In past years, it is a themed thing so people can dress in costume." — Officer Darren Derby

Adams Mulls Hiring Firm for Property Revaluation; Gets Chapter 90 Bump
"Some of the best ideas come from people you don’t think have the ideas." — Selectman Joseph Nowak

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Berkshire County UCP Telethon
United Cerebral Palsy of Berkshire County held its 52nd and...
Girls BB: Athol vs Hoosac...
McKenzie Robinson dished out nine assists to help the...
Swimming: Wahconah vs St....
Liz Bernardy won the 100-yard freestyle and 200 individual...
Boys BB: Drury vs Hoosac...
Friday night basketball, Drury boys win over Hoosac Valley...
Girls BB: Lee vs Mount...
Barrett scored a game-high 27 points in Thursday's 57-44...
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