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Does Heat or Sun Kill Coronavirus?

Many questions have been raised about COVID-19 since it began. Now that summer is upon us, Dr. Mallika Marshall answers some common questions including if heat or sun kills the coronavirus. She states, "So we know that coronaviruses, in general, are sensitive to the heat. They don’t like heat. And studies have also shown that they also don’t like ultraviolet light, which you can get from the sun. However, I don’t want people to have a false sense of security, thinking that if they go out and it’s hot, the sun is shining, that they are definitely protected because you’re still at increased risk of getting coronavirus if you’re around other people and breathing in their respiratory droplets. So don’t just think because it’s hot and humid outside that you’re protected from the virus."

This information is extremely important to know before going out during these summer months. 

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