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Marchetti Wants to Continue Providing...

City Council President Peter Marchetti feels he's brought "professional leadership" to the city and he wants to continue doing so. Marchetti is again seeking re-election to the council - it'll be his ninth campaign for council and 10th for elected office - in the last two decades. He's had what... click for more

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Moon Looks to Bring Diverse Views to Council in...

At a ward meeting, Helen Moon was elated to see a young woman in her 20s take a seat in the audience. At ward meetings and at the polls, it is often the same group of people making their voices heard. But this woman wasn't someone Moon had heard much from in the past so it made her happy to see... click for more

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BCC Hosts Pittsfield Ward, Mayoral Debates for...

Berkshire Community College is hosting the Pittsfield's Ward 5 and Ward 6 debates on Monday, Aug. 19, at 6 p.m. in the Koussevitzky Arts Center, Room K-111, at its main campus, 1350 West St. click for more

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Incumbent Tyer Seeks to Build 'Strong City' in...

Linda Tyer feels her administration has begun building a strong city and is looking for it to be stronger. The incumbent mayor is seeking re-election to the post as she wraps up her, and the city's, first four-year term. The mayor previous served as a ward councilor and city clerk prior to being... click for more

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Cheshire Elects Francesconi, DeAngelis to Select...

Michelle Francesconi and Ron DeAngelis won the special election Tuesday to fill two newly created seats on the Board of Selectmen. click for more

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Persip Focuses On Collaboration In Council...

Earl Persip knows that he doesn't have all of the answers. And that's why he listens to others. He said in Pittsfield 100 people will have 100 different views on an issue and he feels his job as a councilor is to listen to them all and find the best solution. click for more

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Five Candidates Make Final Pitch to Cheshire...

The five candidates for the Board of Selectmen made their final pitches to dozens of residents at the Community Center Friday night. The forum, hosted by Gene Gebarowski, gave the candidates five minutes each to address the crowd before breaking into informal question and answer sessions. The... click for more

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Latura Brings 'No Filter' Into Race For City...

Richard Latura wants his hometown back the way he remembers it and he doesn't care how that happens - legal or not. Latura is running for an at large seat on the city council. He doesn't like what is happening in the city and he wants to make it safe, cut out political nonsense, and reel in the... click for more

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Three Running For Two-Year Cheshire Selectman Seat...

E. Richard Scholz, Michael Biagini, and Ronald DeAngelis are vying for a two-year seat on the expanded five-member Board of Selectmen. click for more

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Warren Seeks to Become Problem Solver For...

Kenneth Warren still has the old files from when he was sitting on what was then known as an "asbestos committee." Asbestos was found throughout the city's elementary schools and there were parents were rightly concerned. They wanted to know what city officials would do to keep their children safe.

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DeFino, Francesconi Up For Cheshire Selectman Seat...

The special election for two more seats a two-year and the three-year will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 13, from 9 to 7 at the Community Center.

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Maffuccio Seeks Return to Pittsfield Council's...

Former Ward 7 City Councilor Anthony Maffuccio felt that when he left office, there was a lot of positive momentum in the city and things were trending well. But, a decade later, he feels that momentum has come to a halt. He feels a lack of collaboration between the City Council and the mayor's office has led to a "stale government."

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Connell Seeks Re-election to Pittsfield's Ward 4...

Christopher Connell knows the phone calls and conversations in the yard will be had when the tax bill comes in. His neighbors are retired and living on a pension but the property taxes continue to climb whereas their income hasn't. They'll tell him again that if things keep going this way they're going to have to make some serious decisions about living there.

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Kalinowsky Seeks to Bring Fairness, Accountability...

Kalinowsky is now running for mayor. She had retired in September from the Police Department after just short of 32 years and she said her priority is going to be on improving the school system.

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Stark Looks to Create 'Sustainability' With...

A key word for Auron Stark is "sustainable." Stark believes there are plenty of ways for the city to become financially sustainable and not be so dependent on property taxes and outside businesses. He sees a lot of problems in the city, he has seen the struggles of many in the community, and he believes the city can easily address a lot of those challenges. But he doesn't see the current City Council doing so.

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Cohen Seeks to Build Community With Seat on...

It wasn't long ago when Yuki Cohen was going through a devastating time in her life and it was the community in Pittsfield that got her through it. It was far different than she had known in the past, as she used to hustle in corporate America. The Berkshires are more relaxed, welcoming, and compassionate, she said, than her days in New York City. She was hooked. She started a business to add to that and is now taking another step by looking to join the City Council to help build that communi

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Holyoke Mayor Morse Challenges Neal In...

They said he couldn't do. There is no way a 21-year-old, turning 22, could defeat an incumbent mayor with years of political experience. And there was no way the city of Holyoke was ever going to be as good as it had been.

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Graves Looks to Make Pittsfield's Corner Office...

By 2010, the old YMCA boathouse was just about to fall into the lake because it had fallen into such disrepair. Scott Graves then had an idea to save it. He'd take the property that wasn't one the tax rolls, renovate it and turn it into a private marina and club. Instead of the city ultimately having to demolish the building, it is back up and running and generating tax revenue.

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Kavey Looks to Provide New Perspective in...

When Patrick Kavey returned to his hometown he had trouble finding work. "I started applying to professional jobs. I had an interesting time finding either a job that would compensate me based on what you would see for an area of this size in the region or just finding specific jobs in general," Kavey said.

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North Adams Has 2 Candidates for Mayor, 15 for...

The deadline for nomination papers for the city election passed at 5 p.m. on Friday and so did any chance for a preliminary election.

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Kavey Announces Run for Pittsfield's Ward 5

Patrick Kavey has formally announced his candidacy for election for the Ward 5 seat on The Pittsfield City Council.

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Carmel Seeks to Improve Efficiency of Council With...

Keep it simple. That's what Edward Carmel believes. But he doesn't believe the current City Council is doing that. He feels the council spins its wheels tinkering with things and not accomplishing anything.

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Lampiasi Looks To Bring Strong Representation To...

Dina Guiel Lampiasi believes there is room for compromise even if it doesn't seem that way. Lampiasi is seeking to fill the Ward 6 City Council seat being vacated by John Krol. She feels she brings a collaborative approach and a deep understanding of how government works to the table.

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Hamling Seeks To Bring A Diversity Of Experience...

Jay Hamling starts by listening. And his patient will tell them what's wrong and then he'll try to figure out not only what is causing the problem and how to fix it. It's what's he does. He's a nurse.

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Two More Join North Adams City Council Race

Two more have joined the City Council race and now 19 will vie for the nine seats. As of Thursday afternoon sitting city councillor Paul J. Hopkins has taken out papers along with former councilor and former mayoral candidate Robert J. Moultan, Jr.

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Branch Launches Second Campaign for Mayor

Once again, I am pleased to announce that I am candidate for mayor of the city of North Adams. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to do so in the United States.

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Three Take Out Papers for North Adams Mayor

There's a contest shaping up for mayor as three people have now taken out nomination papers for the corner office.

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Letter: Melissa Mazzeo for Mayor

She is an educated, intelligent woman, who researches issues before speaking about them.

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Ward 4 Challenger Merriam Seeks To Bring...

Michael Merriam is looking to become part of "team Pittsfield" to help get things done collaboratively. And right now, he's not seeing that in his current ward councilor. Merriam is now challenging Ward 4 Councilor Christopher Connell for a seat on the dais. Merriam said he feels the ward hasn't gotten the service that it should and believes he has the ability to work collaboratively to deliver that better.

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