INVITATION TO BID Town of Cheshire

September 9th, 2022 - Cheshire   Print








Sealed bids for furnishing the following products and services for the Town of Cheshire, Massachusetts will be received by mail at the Office of the Town Administrator/Chief Procurement Officer, Town Hall, 80 Church Street, Cheshire, Massachusetts 01225, until


Wednesday September 28, 2022 at 4:00 PM where and when they will be publicly opened and read:

Guardrails — Route 116

MassDOT prequalification of contractors with the class of work as, Guardrail replacement, for the project with an estimated value of $99,400 will be required.

Bid Specifications may be obtained at the Town of Cheshire website: or by emailing

File original bid with the Town Administrator, Town Hall, 80 Church Street, Cheshire, Massachusetts 01225. Mark each envelope “Bid on (identify specific product) to be opened at Cheshire Town Hall on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 4:00 PM

Quantities shown in bid specifications are approximate only and will be used for comparison of bids.

Where indicated, bid proposals shall include labor rates and must conform to Mass. General Laws, Chapter 149, Section 27, Department of Labor Standards.

As a minimum, all work shall be performed in compliance with the current Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT) “Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridges”, and latest supplements. Special provisions and amendments are listed within bid specifications

Purchases by the Town of Cheshire are exempt from any Federal, State, Municipal and/or excise

The Town of Cheshire reserves the right to waive any formality and/or reject any or all bids or any parts thereof deemed not to be in the best interest of the Town of Cheshire.

The bidder certifies under the penalties of perjury that this bid has been made and submitted in good faith and without collusion or frauds with any other person. As used in this certification, the word “person” shall mean any natural person, business, partnership, corporation, union, committee, club or other organization, entity, or group of individuals.