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Drury Tops Monument, Claims League Crown

By Brian Rhodes
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06:13PM / Saturday, October 30, 2021

NORTH ADAMS, Mass — The Drury football team finished its season strong with a 32-6 win over Monument Mountain, ending its season with a 5-1 record and a Tri-County League title. 
Despite the rain and frigid temperatures, the Blue Devils took the lead early and kept it the entire game, scoring touchdowns on each of their first two drives and completing a two-point conversion for both. Louis Guillotte led the way, scoring all four of the team's touchdowns, including a 73-yard run in the first quarter. 
"I just play my game," Guillotte said."I mean, it's not really too different from any other game. It's just the weather. It doesn't really bother me too much." 
In addition to the offensive success, the Blue Devils' defense held Monument Mountain to only one successful drive and got two interceptions, including one from Elias Robinson to give the Blue Devils possession at the end of the third quarter. 
"We break down all our opponent's film, and we spent a lot of time as coaches preparing that for the week so that our kids see it over and over and over," Blue Devils coach Al Marceau said. "So I feel like it's more about them just taking what we're showing them and making the adjustments, seeing it, watching film and being ready for what the other team does best." 
Marceau praised the team's ability to adapt to any situation. He said the team was able to control the pace of the game through their offensive play. 
"First down in high school football so big," he said. "Because if you can get them in second and seven or longer, then you kinda got them behind the chains, and you can really dictate what they're going to do." 
Marceau said the things that went into this Blue Devils win were a culmination of the work the team put in the entire season. 
"I felt like today, we put it all together," Marceau said. "We were able to change our blocking schemes on the fly to adjust to the defense, rather than going a couple of series struggling and then having to tell them what changes to make. They're making them on their own." 
Guillotte said that preparing to give effort is the most crucial part of success for him and the team. 
"Just every day, work harder," he said. "If I work 100 percent one day, I'll give 110 percent the next day."
Marceau said one area he saw significant improvement over the course of the season was from the team's younger players. 
"I think a lot of it is the mistakes that we were making in previous games were all fixable," he said. "And they were made by young kids that just didn't have they didn't have a knack for the positions that they were in yet," he said. "The nuances of the game were alluding them, so we made some mistakes that stalled some of our drives."
Despite success throughout the season, Marceau said winning was not the most important thing for the team. 
"We just play the games. I told my kids to play hard and have fun. I mean, you're only in high school once," he said. "Very successful season. They've come together, I think they really enjoy playing with each other, and really, that's the whole thing for high school football."


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