Coscia, Gamberoni Win Big at Berkshire Individuals

By Stephen Sports
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WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. – One of the stars of Saturday’s Berkshire County Individuals Track and Field Championships knows that his days in the sport are numbered.
In a couple of months, Pittsfield High senior Kieran Coscia will be embarking on his college football career as an offensive lineman at Bucknell University.
On Saturday at Williams College, he was the outstanding performer at the county championships by winning the shot put, discus and javelin.
The only other triple winner at the BCI was Wahconah sophomore Olivia Gamberoni, who was named the outstanding performer on the girls side after winning the long jump, triple jump and 400 meters.
Coscia said that track and field’s throwing events have helped him in his other sport of choice.
“I think the shot put has very explosive movement, kind of that upper body explosion that translates a lot when you’re playing the offensive line,” Coscia said. “If you’re in pass protection or run block, the really important thing is that initial punch on the guy in front of you. That’s something that definitely translates with the shot put.
“But I would say the shot put and discus – discus more so because you’ve got to get the weight out in front – it’s coordination, body control. I think that translates really well in pass protection as an offensive lineman, being able to know where you are in relation to somebody else on the field, understanding your leverage, understanding how to use your hands, how to keep a low center of gravity.
“And then, javelin, it’s such an acceleration-based movement. The footwork with you’ve got the jogging steps into the crossover. I think all three really translate directly to the football field.”
Coscia was particularly pleased Saturday with his performance in the shot put, where he hit a personal record of 55 feet, 2 inches – nearly 15 feet ahead of the field.
“My coach and I have a lot of different things that we drill every day,” he said. “There are certain things that we know that if you keep working on it, that’s what’s going to give us the extra few inches, extra few feet. For me, today, it was just my back foot drive, keeping my leg nice and low, not popping up through the circle – makes my drive through the circle quicker and a lot more powerful.”
Coscia has a few couple more stops on his high school track and field career to improve on his PRs – next weekend at the Western Mass meet and the week after at the state divisional meet.
Gamberoni, meanwhile, has a couple of years of high school track ahead of her. But she already has established herself as one of the top athletes in the county.
On Saturday, she joined teammate Ariyanna Garceau as the only multiple winners in the girls meet. Garceau took first in the 100 meters and the 100 hurdles, and the pair teamed up with Quinn Walton and Molly Shippee to win the 4-by-100 relay.
Gamberoni’s three-win day – or four-win day, depending on how you count – came after a recent decision to expand her repertoire in the sport.
“I actually just started doing the long jump in my last meet,” she said. “So I did pretty well in that one.
“Definitely, acceleration from my triple jump helped me with my long jump.”
After cleaning up on Saturday at the Lee Track, Gamberoni sounded like an athlete ready to thrive on the competition she’ll see as championship season continues the next couple of weeks.
“There’s gonna be a lot of competition, and that’s definitely going to help my times,” Gamberoni said. “It definitely motivates me to get past them and try a lot harder. I think the better the competition, the better my time is going to be.”
Meanwhile, Coscia will be looking at other competition in the not so distant future – the kind that comes in the form of Patriot League defensive linemen and linebackers.
“I’m definitely going to miss [track and field],” he said. “I kind of picked it up my freshman year as something to do to complement football. It was just a second sport for me. I never would have thought it would turn out like it did for me.
“I’m really happy it did turn out the way it did. I hope in the future I can do it at least recreationally or something like that.”
100 meters: 1. Aryianna Garceau, W, 13.00; t-2. Dezerea Powell, PHS, 13.33; t-2. Lilly Boudreau, HV, 13.33.
200 meters: 1. Sophia Mele, MG, 26.95; 2. Dezerea Powell, PHS, 27.40; 
400 meters: 1. Olivia Gamberoni, W, 1:02.25; 2. Savannah Reber, L, 1:03.29; 3. Ahliya Phillips, Tac, 1:03.52.
800 meters: 1. Polly Geddes, MM, 2:35.84; 2. Lucy Igoe, MG, 2:39.65; 3. Cornelia Swabey, MG, 2:45.42.
1600 meters: 1. Aidan Burns, L, 6:04.99; 2. Genevieve Collins, L, 6:05.49; 3. Erin Keating, MG, 6:06.11.
3200 meters: 1. Alice Culver, L, 12:00.99; 2. Julianne Harwood, L, 13:28.50; 3. Grace Ungerwitter, PHS, 13:38.09.
100 hurdles: 1. Aryianna Garceau, W, 16.83; 2. Katherine Goss, MG, 17.71; 3. Solia Schmid, L, 17.80.
400 hurdles: 1. Lilly Boudreau, HV, 1:10.58; 2. Solia Schmid, L, 1:12.50. 3. Kathryn Perrone, W, 1:12.79.
4-by-100 relay: 1. Wahconah (Walton, Gamberoni, Shippee, Garceau) 52.84; 2. Monument Mountain, 53.93; 3. Pittsfield, 54.17.
4-by-400 relay: 1. Monument (Gamberoni, Curletti, Smedvig, Pollard) 4:45.11; 2. Hoosac Valley, 5:05.60.
4-by-800 relay: 1. Lenox (Elliot, Burns, Collins, Culver) 10:48.39; 2. Monument Mountain, 11:35.10; 3. Mount Greylock, 11:40.46.
High jump: 1. Lily Haskins-Vaughan, MM, 5-0; t-2. Chase Hoey, MG, 4-10; t-2. Abby Dohoney, MM, 4-10.
Long jump: 1. Olivia Gamberoni, W, 16-6; 2. Solia Schmid, L, 16-2.5; 3. Deerea Powell, PHS, 15-11.
Triple jump: 1. Olivia Gamberoni, W, 33-5; 2. Chase Hoey, MG, 31-7; 3. Quinn Walton, W, 31-4.5.
Shot put: 1. Gabby Billetz, HV, 30-5.25; 2. Molly Shippee, W, 30-1.25; 3. Lily Catelotti, MG, 27-10.
Discus: 1.Talia Kapiloff, MG 87-7; 2. Hanna Shea, HV, 87-6; 3. Lily Catlotti, MG, 86-7.
Javelin: 1. Nora Lopez, MG, 97-3; 2. Abby Scialabba, HV, 94-3; 3. Madeline Riechers, W, 80-3.
100 meters: 1. Justice Daniels, PHS, 11.53; 2. Sean Harrigan, Tac, 11.68; 3. Frank Boua, Tac, 11.81.
200 meters: 1. David Flynn, MM, 23.31; 2. Jack Catelotti, MG, 23.75; 3. Ian Bridges, L, 23.91.
400 meters: 1. Quinn Redpath, MM, 52.55. 2. Gavin Santos, MM, 53.39; 3. Owen Klatka, PHS, 54.68.
800 meters: 1. Harry Touloukian, L, 2:02.79; 2. Renzo Vargas, L, 2:14.02; 3. Jude Bakija, MG, 2:14.36.
1600 meters: 1. Anthony Telladira, PHS, 4:40.82; 2. Dennis Love, L, 4:41.59; 3. Andrew Petropulos, MG, 4:52.59.
3200 meters: 1. Maxwell Adam, L, 9:58.55; 2. Justin Levesque, HV, 10:40.83; 3. Parker Winters, MG, 11:20.40.
110 hurdles: 1. Lucas Benoit, PHS, 16.77; 2. Brennan Andersen, W, 17.47; 3. Teague Murphy, MG, 19.52.
400 hurdles: 1. Brennan Andersen, W, 1:02.42; 2. Sean Scarbro, MM, 1:04.31; 3. Adian D'Aniello, PHS, 1:04.97.
4-by-100 relay: 1. Monument Mountain (Santos, Flynn, Penny, Redpath) 46.61; 2. Lenox, 51.06.
4-by-400 relay: 1. Mount Greylock (Ford, Low, McDermott, Warren) 3:44.34; 2. Pittsfield, 3:53.94 3. Lenox, 4:07.29.
4-by-800 relay: 1. Lenox (Patel, Adam, Love, Touloukian) 8:46.46; 2. Monument Mountain, 9:44.73.
High jump: 1. Sean Harrigan, Tac, 5-10; 2. Jenner Kittle, MG, 5-10; 3. Liam Furlong, W, 5-8.
Long jump: 1. Daniel Warren, MG, 19-3.5; 2. Sean Scarbro, MM, 19-2.25; 3. Johnathan Ofori, PHS, 18-11.25.
Triple jump: 1. Johnathan Ofori, PHS, 41-3.75; 2. Liam Becker, MM, 39-7.75; 3. Sean Scarbro, MM, 37-10.25.
Shot put: 1. Kieran Coscia, PHS, 55-2; 2. Judge Martin, MG, 40-3; 3. Frank Boua, Tac, 40-1.
Discus: 1. Kieran Coscia, PHS, 148-1; 2. Eamon Hetherington, MG, 140-0; 3. Ryan Goss, MG, 115-6.
Javelin: 1. Kieran Coscia, PHS, 153-4; 2. Payton Shippee, W, 144-8; 3. Zachary Pupo, PHS, 132-8.
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