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2018 - 2019
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(22-3)(12-2) (10-1)
LEAGUE:(0-0)(0-0) (0-0)
NON LEAGUE:(22-3)(12-2) (10-1)

Apr 11 Agawam W 5-4
Apr 12 E. Longmeadow W 8-3
Apr 18 Hoosac Valley W 18-2
Apr 24 Drury W 3-18
Apr 25 Wahconah W 16-0
Apr 29 St. Peter Marian W 2-5
May 01 Mount Greylock W 13-1
May 04 Smith Academy W 0-15
May 08 Southwick W 10-1
May 09 Pittsfield W 7-2
May 11 Cheshire, Conn. L 4-14
May 15 Holyoke W 1-18
May 18 Ludlow W 15-2
May 21 Wahconah W 6-15
May 24 Mount Greylock W 0-1
May 29 Monument Mountain W 8-0
May 30 Lenox W 1-14
Jun 01 Hoosac Valley W 2-13
Jun 03 Westfield L 7-6
Jun 03 Pittsfield L 9-3
Jun 10 Mount Greylock W 0-7
Jun 12 Southwick W 1-5
Jun 15 Wahconah W 1-5
Jun 19 Hudson W 5-0
Jun 22 Medway W 1-4
Nick Taylor.50012651000
Christian Womble.453863934243108
Brendan Stannard.429703028180187
Jake Risley.410612524150159
Anton Lazits.400803240345198
Leo Arace.380793025340202
Bo Bramer.34370242327075
Jake Harrington.281571612140124
Dylan Burke.275691915181135
Sam Sherman.27311312010
Luke Whitehouse.250287129012
Michael Britten.21414352010
Cole Lander.20824556050
Wayne Moore.18211223030
Aiden Kotski.10010142070
Nick Harrington.05917132040
Stevie Zuccalo.0008001000
Christian Womble8639
Anton Lazits8032
Leo Arace7930
Brendan Stannard7030
Jake Risley6125
Bo Bramer7024
Dylan Burke6919
Jake Harrington5716
Luke Whitehouse287
Nick Taylor126
Cole Lander245
Michael Britten143
Sam Sherman113
Wayne Moore112
Aiden Kotski101
Nick Harrington171
Stevie Zuccalo80
Anton Lazits8040
Christian Womble8634
Brendan Stannard7028
Leo Arace7925
Jake Risley6124
Bo Bramer7023
Dylan Burke6915
Luke Whitehouse2812
Jake Harrington5712
Michael Britten145
Nick Taylor125
Cole Lander245
Aiden Kotski104
Nick Harrington173
Wayne Moore112
Sam Sherman111
Stevie Zuccalo80
Leo Arace7934
Anton Lazits8034
Bo Bramer7027
Christian Womble8624
Brendan Stannard7018
Dylan Burke6918
Jake Risley6115
Jake Harrington5714
Luke Whitehouse289
Cole Lander246
Wayne Moore113
Sam Sherman112
Nick Harrington172
Aiden Kotski102
Michael Britten142
Stevie Zuccalo81
Nick Taylor121
Home RunsABHR
Anton Lazits805
Christian Womble863
Dylan Burke691
Cole Lander240
Wayne Moore110
Sam Sherman110
Stevie Zuccalo80
Nick Taylor120
Jake Risley610
Bo Bramer700
Michael Britten140
Nick Harrington170
Jake Harrington570
Aiden Kotski100
Brendan Stannard700
Leo Arace790
Luke Whitehouse280
Leo Arace7920
Anton Lazits8019
Brendan Stannard7018
Jake Risley6115
Dylan Burke6913
Jake Harrington5712
Christian Womble8610
Aiden Kotski107
Bo Bramer707
Cole Lander245
Nick Harrington174
Wayne Moore113
Michael Britten141
Sam Sherman111
Luke Whitehouse281
Nick Taylor120
Stevie Zuccalo80
Jake Risley619
Anton Lazits808
Christian Womble868
Brendan Stannard707
Dylan Burke695
Bo Bramer705
Jake Harrington574
Luke Whitehouse282
Leo Arace792
Cole Lander240
Sam Sherman110
Michael Britten140
Stevie Zuccalo80
Wayne Moore110
Aiden Kotski100
Nick Taylor120
Nick Harrington170
Christian Womble11-0.6312666.611724
Anton Lazits7-11.22161057.38417
Brendan Stannard2-15.74171012.258
Nick Taylor1-12.7212410.3611
Sam Sherman1-01.11116.360
Stevie Zuccalo0-0.97217.218
Michael Zwinglestein0-0105.00330.202

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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