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2017 - 2018
North Adams
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(18-5)(9-3) (9-2)
LEAGUE:(8-1)(0-1) (4-0)
NON LEAGUE:(10-4)(5-2) (5-2)

Apr 11 Hopkins W 8-7
Apr 13 Pope Francis W 15-0
Apr 18 Central W 14-8
Apr 23 Lee W 0-18
Apr 24 Sabis W 1-0
May 01 Southwick L 11-9
May 03 Palmer W 8-6
May 04 Drury W 7-9
May 07 Putnam W 15-1
May 08 Monson W 0-12
May 09 Drury W 19-4
May 10 Mohawk L 6-8
May 14 Mount Greylock L 9-0
May 15 Pope Francis W 0-1
May 17 Lee W 23-4
May 21 Hopkins W 6-12
May 22 Putnam W 5-23
May 23 Smith Academy W 6-23
May 25 Sabis L 9-7
May 28 Nashoba W 0-17
May 31 Smith Academy W 23-6
Jun 11 Hopkins W 4-6
Jun 13 Mount Everett L 2-3
Kalley Vanuni.491532626100202
Casey Daigneault.46213664020
Ayrian Quinones.452733328150107
Aimee Dowling.44738171412050
Hailey Miller.42970302427160
Hannah Stack.4243314198082
Mackenzie Boucher.4005233041
Megan Goyette.36552191214050
Sarah Fortini.353341217121121
Kiera Kupiec.34846162620101
Madi DeGrenier.3333120000
Mya Daigneault.28346131110041
Caitlin Nicol.27818561051
Kayle Tatro.263381084071
Aubrey Tetlow.262651729111132
Paige Shepard.25012351020
Ayrian Quinones7333
Hailey Miller7030
Kalley Vanuni5326
Megan Goyette5219
Aimee Dowling3817
Aubrey Tetlow6517
Kiera Kupiec4616
Hannah Stack3314
Mya Daigneault4613
Sarah Fortini3412
Kayle Tatro3810
Casey Daigneault136
Caitlin Nicol185
Paige Shepard123
Mackenzie Boucher52
Madi DeGrenier31
Aubrey Tetlow6529
Ayrian Quinones7328
Kalley Vanuni5326
Kiera Kupiec4626
Hailey Miller7024
Hannah Stack3319
Sarah Fortini3417
Aimee Dowling3814
Megan Goyette5212
Mya Daigneault4611
Kayle Tatro388
Caitlin Nicol186
Casey Daigneault136
Paige Shepard125
Mackenzie Boucher53
Madi DeGrenier32
Hailey Miller7027
Ayrian Quinones7315
Megan Goyette5214
Aimee Dowling3812
Sarah Fortini3412
Aubrey Tetlow6511
Kalley Vanuni5310
Mya Daigneault4610
Hannah Stack338
Casey Daigneault134
Kayle Tatro384
Mackenzie Boucher53
Kiera Kupiec462
Paige Shepard121
Caitlin Nicol181
Madi DeGrenier30
Home RunsABHR
Aubrey Tetlow651
Sarah Fortini341
Hailey Miller701
Aimee Dowling380
Madi DeGrenier30
Kalley Vanuni530
Ayrian Quinones730
Mya Daigneault460
Kayle Tatro380
Caitlin Nicol180
Paige Shepard120
Mackenzie Boucher50
Casey Daigneault130
Megan Goyette520
Kiera Kupiec460
Hannah Stack330
Kalley Vanuni5320
Aubrey Tetlow6513
Sarah Fortini3412
Kiera Kupiec4610
Ayrian Quinones7310
Hannah Stack338
Kayle Tatro387
Hailey Miller706
Aimee Dowling385
Caitlin Nicol185
Megan Goyette525
Mackenzie Boucher54
Mya Daigneault464
Casey Daigneault132
Paige Shepard122
Madi DeGrenier30
Ayrian Quinones737
Aubrey Tetlow652
Hannah Stack332
Kalley Vanuni532
Caitlin Nicol181
Kayle Tatro381
Mya Daigneault461
Sarah Fortini341
Kiera Kupiec461
Mackenzie Boucher51
Hailey Miller700
Casey Daigneault130
Madi DeGrenier30
Paige Shepard120
Megan Goyette520
Aimee Dowling380
Megan Goyette16-52.759450127.21108
Sarah Fortini1-04.6742310

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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