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2018 - 2019
North Adams
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(18-6)(9-2) (9-4)
LEAGUE:(8-2)(0-1) (4-1)
NON LEAGUE:(10-4)(5-1) (5-3)

Apr 04 Lee W 12-3
Apr 12 Pope Francis W 0-23
Apr 16 Sabis W 5-3
Apr 19 Smith Academy W 6-4
Apr 23 Putnam W 0-13
Apr 29 Springfield Central W 2-14
May 06 Monson W 9-1
May 07 Mount Greylock L 2-14
May 08 Hopkins W 7-14
May 13 Southwick W 7-4
May 15 Drury L 11-2
May 16 Lee W 11-18
May 21 Smith Academy W 0-12
May 22 Drury L 3-4
May 23 Pope Francis W 1-0
May 24 Sabis L 5-4
May 25 Hopkins L 6-7
May 27 Palmer W 3-11
May 29 Putnam W 12-0
May 31 Mohawk W 1-9
Jun 03 Smith Voc. W 14-2
Jun 09 Smith Voc. W 0-17
Jun 12 Mount Everett W 6-3
Jun 15 Turners Falls L 0-4
Megan Goyette.45961281621040
Kyrsten Gazaille.4449432014
Sarah Fortini.42459252613164
Aubrey Tetlow.41470293014057
Ayrian Quinones.367602219150131
Kiera Kupiec.34141141830103
Mya Daigneault.33959201711061
Hailey Miller.33360202011091
Hannah Stack.31657182670200
Casey Daigneault.31316520000
Kalley Vanuni.313642023221102
Hanna Williams.21414333010
Nichole Demastrie.21414322022
Caitlin Nicol.20824572033
Hailey Williams.20015321041
Rebecca Poulton.18816324000
Chasity Lillie.18211231041
Aubrey Tetlow7029
Megan Goyette6128
Sarah Fortini5925
Ayrian Quinones6022
Mya Daigneault5920
Kalley Vanuni6420
Hailey Miller6020
Hannah Stack5718
Kiera Kupiec4114
Caitlin Nicol245
Casey Daigneault165
Kyrsten Gazaille94
Hailey Williams153
Rebecca Poulton163
Nichole Demastrie143
Hanna Williams143
Chasity Lillie112
Aubrey Tetlow7030
Hannah Stack5726
Sarah Fortini5926
Kalley Vanuni6423
Hailey Miller6020
Ayrian Quinones6019
Kiera Kupiec4118
Mya Daigneault5917
Megan Goyette6116
Caitlin Nicol247
Kyrsten Gazaille93
Chasity Lillie113
Hanna Williams143
Casey Daigneault162
Hailey Williams152
Nichole Demastrie142
Rebecca Poulton162
Kalley Vanuni6422
Megan Goyette6121
Ayrian Quinones6015
Aubrey Tetlow7014
Sarah Fortini5913
Hailey Miller6011
Mya Daigneault5911
Hannah Stack577
Rebecca Poulton164
Kiera Kupiec413
Hanna Williams143
Kyrsten Gazaille92
Nichole Demastrie142
Caitlin Nicol242
Hailey Williams151
Chasity Lillie111
Casey Daigneault160
Home RunsABHR
Kalley Vanuni641
Sarah Fortini591
Rebecca Poulton160
Nichole Demastrie140
Caitlin Nicol240
Kiera Kupiec410
Megan Goyette610
Chasity Lillie110
Hanna Williams140
Casey Daigneault160
Aubrey Tetlow700
Hailey Miller600
Ayrian Quinones600
Mya Daigneault590
Hannah Stack570
Kyrsten Gazaille90
Hailey Williams150
Hannah Stack5720
Ayrian Quinones6013
Kiera Kupiec4110
Kalley Vanuni6410
Hailey Miller609
Mya Daigneault596
Sarah Fortini596
Aubrey Tetlow705
Hailey Williams154
Chasity Lillie114
Megan Goyette614
Caitlin Nicol243
Nichole Demastrie142
Hanna Williams141
Kyrsten Gazaille91
Rebecca Poulton160
Casey Daigneault160
Aubrey Tetlow707
Kyrsten Gazaille94
Sarah Fortini594
Caitlin Nicol243
Kiera Kupiec413
Kalley Vanuni642
Nichole Demastrie142
Mya Daigneault591
Hailey Miller601
Ayrian Quinones601
Hailey Williams151
Chasity Lillie111
Megan Goyette610
Casey Daigneault160
Hanna Williams140
Hannah Stack570
Rebecca Poulton160
Megan Goyette15-51.866433124.114840
Chasity Lillie1-07.781398.113
Ayrian Quinones0-131.8210102.205
Kalley Vanuni0-0.0000120

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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