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To the Editor:

The election for state representative for the 1st Berkshire District hasn't received much press, but it is an important election to replace Gail Cariddi. The Berkshires have many needs and we need someone who will go to Boston and work with the other members to make sure we get our fair share. I think the best person for this job is Stephanie Bosley. She has been talking about her political and work experience and how that has shaped her ideas as well as her commitment to this area in a way that is refreshing and different.

At one of the forums that the candidates have attended, I heard a couple of supporters of another candidate talk about Stephanie's age and lack of elected office. First, 29 is not too young for this position. Paul Mark, Jane Swift and Ben Downing were all younger than her when they were elected and that is pretty good company. Second, in a position and Legislature where seniority matters, I want a young person who can stay there for a while.

Second, rather than the same political posture of telling us what the issues are, we need someone with fresh ideas based on life experience. Stephanie's breadth of experience is far greater than her age. While growing up, she spent time at the State House with her dad who was the representative for 24 years. She interned at Congressman Olver's office. But more than just political experience, she has job experience in the private and public sectors working on the issues that we want our next state representative working on.

I urge everyone to go to her website, www.bosleyforstaterep.com and check out her resume. It is impressive.

We complain that young people leave the area after college. Stephanie made a commitment and returned here after college and is a fresh face in the political arena. I hope you come out Oct. 10 and vote for Stephanie for state representative. She will do a great job for all of us.

Ruth A Robillard
Adams, Mass.




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