Letter: Bosley Strongest Candidate for 1st Berkshire

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To the editor:

Who I vote for in our district state representative primary was considerably harder decision than our choices for mayoral preliminary. We have four candidates that all have qualifications to work in the State House, but none have served in a public elected state level before. When they walk into the chambers their first time they will be a junior state rep starting relationships, networking with incumbents, and making connections.

The word "connections" is key to me when thinking long term. Who do I feel will listen to the citizens in our district versus being influenced by those on the other side of the state, and will take what they hear from us and bring it to the State House. Which one will make more allies when it comes to winning votes for our needs, rather than rubbing fellow state officials the wrong way.

I want a state representative who serves our district over serving themselves. We don't need a grudge-holding bully that snubs our elected city and town leaders, a braggart, or self-acclaimed political expert, but rather one who Is open to contemporary policies and transparent government. We need a voice that understands the challenges and passions of both a city, and rural small towns.

For those reasons, I support Stephanie Bosley. From the day she was born the duties of this job filled her home. She shouldn't win only because her father served 24 years of her life in that same exact seat, but it does add points on the score card. We consider second and third generation tradesmen to be more knowledgeable in their professions. The same could be said for any career, including government. Just as a young mechanic has learned the old ways of fixing classics in the garage with their father, they also learn the newest skills of how things are done today with current education and job experiences, which Stephanie has both. That doesn't make her an expert, but does allow for a fresh mind with multigenerational wisdom to understand and manage modern day state government.

I believe Stephanie is the strongest candidate reaching the most people in a limited time. We have elected young candidates that never held an elected seat before such as Senators Swift, Downing and Hinds to name a few, and they serve(d) us well. In the past couple of years, we have elected fresh, new, progressive candidates to represent our end of the state, and adding Stephanie Bosley to that team would be a great asset. I am an undeclared voter who votes for the person, not the party. I am proud to support Stephanie Bosley for the upcoming primary, Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Keith Bona
North Adams, Mass.

Bona is a North Adams city councilor



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Letter: Five Stars to The Spoke

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I have been a customer of The Spoke for years and now I want to send accolades to Paul, Heidi and Damien.

Regardless of when a customer enters the store, they are treated like the most important person there. Paul and Heidi know the intricacies or every type of bike and have made great recommendations for my family and I. Damien is a cracker-jack bike mechanic he works swiftly with maximum efficiency.

With or without close social contact biking is a fun sport. Do yourself a favor and head to The Spoke in Williamstown and see their offerings.

Jim Holmes
North Adams, Mass.




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