Letter: Barrett Best Person to Represent 1st Berkshire

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To the Editor:

Three months ago, we in the First Berkshire district were shocked and saddened by the untimely death of Gailanne Cariddi, our representative in the Massachusetts legislature.

For the two of us, Gail's death was a deeper and more personal loss than it may have been for most others. You see, we lost a good friend and long time colleague as well as a public official.

We had worked with and for Gail for several years. Each of us served on the North Adams City Council with Gail for several terms. When she decided to run for the state representative office, we worked hard on her campaign. And when she was elected, we celebrated with her here and in Boston. Beyond that, we each volunteered a few days a week, for about four years, in her city hall office, taking constituent calls and relaying messages to her, while she was at the state house.

It's not embarrassing to admit that we loved and admired Gailanne Cariddi. We enjoyed her company, spending time with her as often as we could, and we did many projects together.

Representing the 1st Berkshire District was a job Gail loved. It really suited her, and she did it effectively. We all felt well represented during her time in office, felt sad to lose her, and certainly will miss her.

Nearly everyone knew and said what a hard worker and what a good listener Gail was; it was we, however, who saw and accompanied her as she did on-site research before voting on bills. She was able to process her thoughts and share information with us. It was an alliance we truly valued, and we miss that, even as we miss our friend, Gail.

Now we are choosing the person we trust to succeed Gail in the state Legislature. We believe that John Barrett III is the person to best represent our district in the near term. As it was with us, much of their public life was aligned. Another tireless worker for North Berkshire, John held Gail in utmost respect and in high regard. It was mutual. In city government, they worked well together on behalf of the city and region.

We believe that John Barrett has the knowledge, experience, and contacts that will make him effective in carrying out the will of the people of the First Berkshire District. We know that our distance from Boston and our declining population require savvy moves and strong representation in that large House. John Barrett is recognized as a powerful voice and a force to be reckoned with. As we used to say, you may not like him, but you can't ignore him. He won't let you; John won't be silenced or ignored.

Gail was a deliberative and tactical thinker, like John. She was also a natural listener. John Barrett admits that this is one quality he has learned from her and most recently acquired. We can vouch for that.

We ask all Democrat and independent voters to go to the polls on Oct. 10, and to vote for John Barrett III, a powerful and effective voice for our region.

Diane Gallese-Parsons
Marie Mimi Harpin

North Adams, Mass.

Harpin and Parsons are both former North Adams city councilors and active in local Democratic politics





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Letter: To the Voters of North Adams

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Earlier this spring, I announced I was running for City Council while still a senior in college. Within just a few days of taking out my papers, I had surpassed the number of signatures needed to appear on the ballot. I want to thank everyone who lent me their signature, their support, or even just an encouraging word along the way.

Late last week, however, I wrote to the City Clerk and asked her to withdraw my name from the election. I accepted an offer to work for the New Hampshire State Senate that will, obviously, take me out of the city for the foreseeable future. This was an offer that I, a 22-year-old recent college graduate from the college known as New Hampshire's home for politics, could not turn down at this point in my young career. I am very thankful to everyone who supported my campaign along the way. I especially want to thank state Rep. John Barrett III, City Council President Keith Bona, and City Councilor Marie T. Harpin, who all gave me valuable insights and guided me along the way.

I hope to return to the city one day and give back to the great community that shaped me into who I am today and who inspired me to launch my campaign. I would not have withdrawn from the campaign if I did not think that the city would be in good hands while I am away. No matter where I live, I will always consider North Adams home.

Cameron M. Lapine
North Adams, Mass.



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