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To the Editor:

For weeks now I have found myself reflecting on who of the current slate of candidates I would support in filling the vacant seat of my friend, and our late representative, Gailanne Cariddi. It's a decision that I don't take lightly. Gail was a potent advocate, caring neighbor, and a community-driven individual who was not only present throughout her district, but also constantly fighting for us in Boston.

Today we face numerous challenges, immense potential, and a historic shift in our local political environment. There has been a great conversation about where we go next, but there is only one person I see as the individual best suited to be our next state representative. That person is Lisa Blackmer.

It's no secret that Lisa is fiercely loyal to this region. Her voice has been heard advocating for our area from the Berkshires to Boston. She has taken active leadership roles, at both local and state levels, to advance initiatives, tap into new resource pools, and fight along with other municipal leaders for the things that our small cities and rural communities need.

If Lisa and I don't see eye to eye, I know I can work with her to find a solution. She listens, works with people to compromise, and always makes the decision she believes is right. I know few people who work as hard as Lisa does. She doesn't only show up when it's time to run for an office, she shows up all the time. She doesn't just tag her name onto initiatives to add it to her portfolio, she goes to the key players and advocates to make a difference. Between the miles put on her car, and the hours spent in the trenches of both local and state legislative circles, she has proven she is a powerhouse that we should elect to be our next Representative.

A vote for Lisa on Tuesday, Oct. 10, is a vote for our families, our communities, and our future. She has my vote, and I hope she has yours too.

Benjamin Lamb
North Adams, Mass.

Lamb is the president of the North Adams City Council





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