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To the Editor:

When choosing a state representative you want to choose someone who is running for the correct reasons, choose the one who expresses passion about everything they're saying, who speaks to you as a friend and has the ability to connect with each and every one in the community with understanding and compassion, the one who has the experience and the drive to continue the work of their predecessors while bringing in new ideas to grow the district.

I will openly admit that when I first heard that Kevin wanted to run for 1st Berkshire state representative, I had my concerns especially with all of the changes already going on in our lives, I always knew one day that he would run but I wasn't prepared for it to be so soon. I am not the most politically knowledgeable person but over the years, Kevin has taught me so much and helped me understand why it is so important that the community is represented correctly and how when everything works well and the government is supporting the people amazing things can happen.

When I sat down with him in his office a few weeks after the passing of Gail Cariddi, he was looking on his wall and there was a list of things that they worked together on and he said there was so much passion and work put into every one of these projects "I can't sit around and let them go unfinished.: He explained it all to me, what they wanted to do and how each would benefit the community. In that moment I knew that if I didn't let him follow his heart and announce his running I would be keeping Kevin from doing what he loved and a selfish thing on my part. The community of the 1st Berkshire District lost a representative who set the bar of how a state representative should represent and they deserve someone who shared her passion and not only wanted to continue her work but expand on other issues that can lead to an even stronger district.

Kevin has worked for two state representatives in his professional career and worked on many campaigns for others as well. He is professional, caring and has a willingness to learn that makes him the best candidate. Education and learning has always been a passion for Kevin, he is always looking to learn and this quality is one that qualifies him, he isn't going to go to the State House thinking that he knows everything, he is going to go there to learn from others and how they represent their districts so that he can do the best for our district. He is willing to listen to all sides of a situation before making a decision, and that decision is never made in haste, he makes sure he has all of the information before moving forward. He has listened to the voices of the community and values each and everyone's opinion, Kevin will make sure that our voice in the 1st Berkshire District is heard at the State House.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and considering my husband to fill the position of First Berkshire District State Representative. I believe that he is the best choice because of his passion, experience and drive to continue to make the first Berkshire District the best it can be.

Vote Kevin Towle on Oct. 10, 2017


Elissa Bordeau-Towle
Lanesborough Mass.

Bordeau-Towle is the wife of candidate Kevin Towle




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