Letter: Tom Bernard Is the Right Choice for North Adams

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To the Editor:

Over the past seven months I have had the opportunity to really get to know Tom Bernard.

He and I began friendly neighborhood conversations this past spring as he contemplated running for mayor. As I spent
more time with Tom I was struck by his many outstanding qualities. He is a dedicated father who truly puts family first; he is a devout Catholic who has volunteered his time with the church for decades. In fact some 30 years ago when I became an altar boy, Tom was the seasoned veteran who made sure us rookies understood our responsibilities and took our tasks seriously. Every altar boy looked up to Tom and respected his leadership.

Tom also shared more of his work experience and the type of projects he was involved in at MCLA and currently at Smith College. This work experience has provided an exceptional foundation for Tom to utilize if he were to be elected. Throughout these conversations, it became very clear to me that Tom would make a great mayor.

As the campaign has progressed and tough questions have come forward I have witnessed Tom in professional mode. His thorough and deliberate manner along with his ability to seek council from many sources really showed me how he will handle the complex decisions a mayor has to make. When it was time to take a position on an issue Tom did so with conviction and data to back up that decision.

It is this method of problem solving that will ensure a transparent and inclusive administration. We are now in the last week of this campaign and I truly feel that I am a better person for getting involved with Tom's campaign. I have witnessed how Tom truly cares for this city and its residents and the tremendous skill set he would bring to the mayor's office. Tom is ready to tackle our tough challenges and he has proven to me that he his is the right person for the job.

As you head to the polls on Nov. 7 and choose our next mayor I hope Tom has earned your vote because he has definitely earned mine.

David Bond
North Adams, Mass.



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