Letter: District Attorney Seat Belongs to the People

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To the Editor:

The position of district attorney is not a tenured position. It is not a seat that you earn over time. It does not belong to any one person. There is a reason for this. No one should have a monopoly on this office for years at a time. It is important for fair administration. This is why we have elections for certain positions. And the election process should not be controlled by money or power.

Mr. Caccaviello lost an election, period. Blaming his election loss on his not being a politician is absurd and hypocritical. He manipulated the political system to get the advantage of incumbency. He became a Democrat purposely to sew up the election in the primary, and he still failed. He ran a full campaign with standouts and events. He had opportunities in several debates. He had far more ads than his opponents in The Berkshire Eagle. He now seeks the Republican vote after he failed as a Democrat. Mr. Caccaviello had the governor of Massachusetts outright hand him the title of district attorney. However, this job was not the governor's to give away. Mr. Caccaviello had every political advantage in the world, and he still lost. He refuses to accept the people's choice and blames politics.

Maybe he lost because people are tired of the status quo and the violent crime in Berkshire County. Mr. Caccaviello had the opportunity to make a difference for 30 years, and we see the results: two cities in Berkshire County on the top 10 list for violent crime in Massachusetts.

The office of district attorney is an elected seat and belongs to the people. Mr. Caccaviello took that seat away from the people once already by sneaking himself in as an incumbent without the people's consent. Please do not let him do it again. Please vote for attorney Andrea Harrington, the Democratic nominee, on Nov. 6.

Kathleen Riley
Pittsfield, Mass.



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