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To the Editor:

We have been Democrats all our lives. There were times when the candidate we supported didn't win the primary, but we always supported the winner. Over the years there have been tough primaries in which good candidates were unsuccessful. However, there usually was a unity event after the dust settled; the unsuccessful candidates would show unity by supporting the winning candidate.

This wasn't the case this year when the two candidates who lost in the Democratic primary for district attorney decided not to support the winner, Andrea Harrington.

It is now crystal clear that Paul Caccaviello used the Democratic Party as a way to assure what he perceived as an easy path to get elected. Why should this be a surprise as he was never a Democrat and his positions throughout the campaign demonstrated that?

The recent announcement that the Berkshire County Republican Association is endorsing his candidacy looks like a continuation of the scheme devised by the former district attorney with the governor last February. It began when former District Attorney David Capeless and Governor Baker (secretly) arranged the appointment of Mr. Caccaviello to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Capeless. It was only through good investigative reporting that the story became public with the release of emails between District Attorney Capeless and the governor.

Now in a last-ditch attempt to elect Paul Caccaviello, the Berkshire County Republicans are endorsing Paul Caccaviello's write-in effort. On their Facebook Page, the Berkshire County Republican Association stated that Paul represents their values. Their values include those of Donald Trump, whose picture they proudly display on their Facebook page, and Paul Caccaviello welcomes their support.

The people of Berkshire County deserve better and must vote to repair a system that has not been working for many years. North Adams continues to have the highest rate of violent crime in Massachusetts with Pittsfield having the 9th highest. The opioid and domestic violence problem in Berkshire County continues, and people no longer feel safe in their homes or in their neighborhoods.

We need a district attorney who will reform the criminal justice system in Berkshire County and will not maintain the status quo. Attorney Andrea Harrington is the only candidate on the ballot who can bring about that much-needed reform. You will find her name on the ballot for district attorney. Just fill in the oval and cast your ballot for a true champion for the people of Berkshire County.

I hope you will join us in voting for the Democratic nominee for district attorney, Andrea Harrington.

Marie T. Harpin, North Adams city councilor,
& Marie Harpin, former North Adams city councilor

North Adams, Mass. 









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