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To the Editor:

It was supposed to be easy.

The position of district attorney in Berkshire County was his to be had. It was set up so well. A shady backroom deal between the 14-year veteran DA and the Republican governor ... an early retirement of the 14-year veteran to allow him to run as the incumbent ... and a last minute switch to the Democratic Party to ensure the vote in the heavy Democrat/Democrat-leaning county. All the "right" political moves were made. He thought he was a shoo-in ... but then, something happened:

Andrea Harrington announced her campaign to run for Berkshire County district attorney. She embraced the extremely popular Criminal Justice Reform Bill supported by Democrats and Republicans alike. In spite of the current Berkshire County DA's office signing on to a letter of opposition submitted to the governor (who appointed the current DA), the governor signed the popular bill into law.

Now finding himself in a 3-way primary battle with two progressive supporters of criminal justice reform, the easy path to a continued career became difficult. In fact, Andrea Harrington recorded a solid victory in that 3-way primary. Her leadership, energy, and fresh perspective were on display and rewarded with the victory!

After all the political posturing, and backroom dealing: he lost!

Now what? Trying to claim he was never a Democrat? That he only registered as a (D) to participate in debates (and now calling for more after debating and losing). Trying to say the district attorney's elected position should not be political? (what was all that stuff he and the previous DA did?)

Pulling all the stops in an effort to salvage the one thing, the only thing, he has done for 30 years? It is time for a change.

As I stated in a letter to the editor in May:

"The competent staff of professionals who make up the DA's office need the fresh leadership, energized leadership, found in someone who embraces the Criminal Justice Reform that the people of Massachusetts, and particularly, the people of Berkshire County both want and deserve. The time to embrace that change is now. This is our moment. ...

"Andrea Harrington is the right person in the right place at the right time."

Please help change our communities for the better on Nov. 6.

Vote for Andrea Harrington, Democrat for Berkshire County district attorney.

Steve Farina
Great Barrington, Mass.





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