Letter: Moran Much More Experienced for Register of Deeds

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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to support Debbie Moran in her candidacy for the Northern Berkshire Register of Deeds.

In looking at both candidates, one might say that they both have significant experience in the office, with both having over 20 years, and Debbie having the most with 26-plus years in the office, but to examine deeper and look at what positions have been held during that time that really tell the whole story.

While her opponent is a simply a clerk within the office, Debbie holds the position of first assistant register of deeds. This in and of itself is a significant variation between the two and one that should be looked at very closely. While a clerk does have knowledge of the office and interacts with people, and also may work with some vendor contracts, there are limitations to the job responsibilities.

As first assistant register, Debbie does all of those job aspects, as well as everything up to and including the responsibilities of the register during her absence. Debbie works not only within the Registry, but on a statewide level as well, having the necessary connections to other offices from the Berkshires to Cape Cod and everywhere in between. She personally knows the secretary of the commonwealth and works with that office closely as well.

In short, the decision of the voters on Tuesday is very plain and simple, do they choose the experienced candidate who is plug and play, that will hit the ground running on day one and take the reigns of the office, knowing all of the responsibilities of the job, or do you choose the apprentice candidate that will be brand new to the position, one that will have to establish all of the connections, learn the duties of the Register's job, and embark on a process that could take months, if not years, to get up to speed to lead this office forward?

For me, the choice is an easy one. I hope you will join me in voting for Debbie Moran for register on deeds this coming Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Laurie Newlands
Savoy, Mass.



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