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The Hoosac Valley Elementary kindergartners take sail on the Mayflower with their student teacher.

How to Cook a Turkey 2018

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ADAMS, Mass. — Each year, the newest kindergartners at Hoosac Valley Elementary School weigh in on the appropriate way to cook that essential Thanksgiving centerpiece: a turkey. 
The children in Robin Poirot's class serve up their best takes on turkeys, turkey cooking and eating Thanksgiving dinner. Their instructions are, shall we say, delightfully creative. We hope everyone enjoys reading about the holiday through the children's eyes but, we caution, you really should not follow their directions. 
Oliver Quinto
I'll have Thanksgiving at my gram's. My papa will hunt for our turkey. Our turkey will be as big as a stop sign. It will probably weigh about 8 pounds.
Gramma will put little turkeys inside of it, kind of like meatloaf. It will cook for 20 minutes at 8 degrees. Maybe Gram will also stuff it with some whoopie pies. I love Thanksgiving!
Jaxen Tibbetts
Dad will buy a turkey at Walmart. It will be as big as a giant and weigh about 200 pounds. I think my Dad might put a little sugar on it to make it taste good! He will cook it at 3 degrees for 30 minutes after he stuffs it with marshmallow fluff.
Tenley Biros
Our turkey will be as big as my friend, Hadley's dog. It will weigh about 20 pounds. My mom will stuff it with corn. After she cuts it up, she will cook it for 13 seconds at 21 degrees. Then it will be delicious.
Sophia Gageant
Our turkey will be about 8 pounds. Mom will stuff it with butter. It will cook for 5 hours at about 2 degrees. She will stuff it with carrots, salad and a pork roast.
Jaxan Rowett Cote
Dad will get our turkey from a turkey nest, of course. It will be super big. We will cook it after we clean the guts out. We will put cheese on top and cook it for 5 days at 100 degrees.
Lilah Field
Daddy has the turkey at his house. He puts blueberries on it. It will weigh 5 pounds and will cook for 4 seconds for 2 days. Then we will eat it!
Elijah LaChapelle
Dad will cook the turkey at our house. He will stuff it with strawberry pie. It will cook in the oven for 4 days at real hot degrees and then my family will eat it when it is done.
Mason Stump
We will eat turkey at my Nana's. She will probably stuff it with ham. It will be monster big at about 8 pounds. Nana just needs to cook it at about 100 degrees for about 20 minutes. That is why my favorite part is the mashed potatoes and gravy. My dad will be making 23 turkeys with for veterans at Soldier On. We love our veterans!
Freedom Lemieux
We will have Thanksgiving at our house. We will get a 50-pound turkey from Big Y. We will stuff it with chicken soup and french fries from McDonald's. We will cook it one minute at 60 degrees and it will be so good!
Levi Goman
I would cook a humongous turkey for Thanksgiving. I would stuff a bowl of chicken inside of the turkey.I would cook it for just a few minutes at 34 degrees and then I would have pizza for dessert.
Jordan Dabrowski
Gramma Cheryl will kill our turkey. She will cook it in a hot stove at 80 degrees for just a couple minutes. It will be as big as a pig which is about 60 pounds. I am hoping she puts cheese on top! That is my favorite!
Kylie Rose Hillard
My dad will hunt for a turkey. He will carry it home in a bag. It will be about 8 pounds and as tall as my dad. It will cook 7 minutes at 100 degrees. I will sprinkle pepperoni and cheese on top.
Austen Pekosz
We will get our turkey at Big Y. It will be a really big one. It will be as big as a police dog which is about 9 pounds. We will cook it for one minute at only 6 degrees.
Ava Dellaghelfa
Cioci will have to get a 20-pound turkey at the supermarket because we have a lot of people coming. It will cook for about 30 minutes. Sometimes the oven goes up to 30 degrees. I will eat potatoes and green beans with it.
Hadley Crouse
We are eating at my house. I think my mom might get our turkey at Walmart. It will probably weigh about 21 pounds. Mom and Dad will put it in the oven together and leave it in for 5 minutes at 7 degrees. I like the stuffing but my sister doesn't so I eat hers, too.
John Brazeau
Someone hunts for our Thanksgiving turkey just like they hunt for the cow meat that we eat. Mommy will drive to the hunting place to pick it up and Pepe will put it in the trunk. The turkey will be as big as my brother. It will cook for a couple days in a hot hot oven!
Charleigh Pulley
We will get our turkey from Aunt Erika. She puts a little bit of garlic and a bunch of butter on it. It makes it delicious. The turkey will be about the size of 2 balls of yarn and will weigh about 100 pounds. It will take about 3 people to carry it, my dad, my mom and my Aunt Erika. It will cook for about 11 hours at 10 degrees My sister and I love the big drumsticks. Once the turkey meat fell right off the bone stick and my sister and I couldn't stop laughing.
Dad will cook our turkey that he hunted for. The first thing you have to do is pull the feathers really hard and get them off the turkey so it can have smooth skin. Ours will weigh 69 pounds and it will cook for 9 minutes at 60 degrees.
Cooper Stentiford
Our turkey will be bought by my dad. He will get it at Target. Before he cooks it, he covers it with ketchup. It will be in the oven for 15 minutes at 10 degrees. The turkey will be 5 pounds and stuffed with lots and lots of beef jerky!
Matthew Perras
I already have the turkey at my house. It is as big as a hippo and weighs about 80 pounds. We will cook it for 20 minutes at 8 degrees and eat it with a big giant fork. Yum!

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