Letter: Amy Jeschawitz for Williamstown Planning Board

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To the Editor:

Williamstown will voters will face an important election on May 14, and it is crucial that Amy Jeschawitz be re-elected to the Planning Board.

When I first moved to Williamstown in 1988 as the principal of the Williamstown Elementary School, I was disappointed to note that new staff members hired at the school could not afford to live in Williamstown and had to find housing elsewhere. Unfortunately, the shortage of moderately-priced housing still exists. Given the importance of diversified housing choices for the economic future of our community, this is a very important issue.

As a member of the Planning Board, Amy recognizes this problem and has worked hard to provide solutions. At this year's town meeting we will vote on proposals that will help solve the problem. If we want to attract new families and businesses to town, it is imperative that we provide additional housing options.

Please join me in voting for Amy Jeschawitz for Planning Board on May 14.

David Rempell
Williamstown, Mass. 




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