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Linda Tyer thanks the city's firefighter association for standing with her in her re-election bid.
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Tyer says her mother, Rosemary Casey, recently benefited from the professionalism of Pittsfield emergency services during a trip to the ER.

Pittsfield Firefighters Endorse Tyer for Mayor

By Jack GuerinoiBerkshires Staff
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Local 2647 President Robert Leary says the union has not endorsed a mayoral candidate since Gerald S. Doyle Jr. more than 15 years ago. The former mayor has also endorsed Tyer.
PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Pittsfield Firefighters IAFF Local 2467 has endorsed incumbent mayoral candidate Linda Tyer, the first time the public union has endorsed a candidate in more than 15 years.
Local President Robert Leary led a press conference Monday afternoon in front of the Fire Department's headquarters on Columbus Avenue to announce that the union had voted to endorse Tyer. 
"Although our union as a whole doesn't often endorse candidates, our membership believes her demonstrated capabilities and positive proactive approach to bettering our city deserves our vocal and visual support of her reelection campaign," Leary said. 
Under Tyer, the department has regularly updated equipment as well as held consistent staffing levels, he said. Leary added that Tyer is the first mayor in more than 20 years to appoint a permanent fire chief. 
"Her efforts and honest approach to advancing the opportunities and services of the city of Pittsfield are commendable," he said. "We can attest to her administration's openness to listening to our concerns, considering our observations of community needs, as well as the needs within our department and public safety."
Tyer, who is running for a second four-year term, said she was grateful for the firefighters' support. This endorsement follows a standout two weeks that saw a number of former and current elected officials offer their endorsement to the sitting mayor.
"I am honored to earn their endorsement since they so rarely give it and I am pleased to hear that they have confidence in my leadership," Tyer said. "They believe that through my actions that I support this department ... all because we believe it is important to keep the people of our city safe and to protect them."
On a personal note, Tyer said just last weekend, emergency services took her mother to the emergency room.
"That is why I am grateful for these men and women protecting my mom, protecting our seniors, our kids, and our families," she said. 
Tyer, who is being challenged by City Councilor at Large Melissa Mazzeo in November, again thanked the firefighters for their support and added that it reaffirms much of her team's accomplishments over her tenure. 
"It is really great to have this team of incredible men and women standing with me on this reelection journey," she said. "We have a lot of work to do and having their support validates all of our good old fashioned hard work in the last four years."

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PCTV Documentary Finds Pittsfield Parade Dates Back to 1801

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Pittsfield Community Television's recently released documentary "Fighting For Independence:  The History of the Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade" has traced the first Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade back to at least 1801.  

An article in the Pittsfield Sun from July 7, 1801, says that "at 12:00 o’ clock at noon a Procession was formed consisting of the Militia of the town."

Previously the Pittsfield Parade Committee acknowledged that the parade dated back to 1824.

"This was a fascinating discovery, as we researched to put this documentary together," said Bob Heck, PCTV’s coordinator of advancement and community production and executive producer of the program.  "Not only were we able to trace the parade back further than ever before, but to see how the parade has impacted Pittsfield, and how the community always seems to come together to make sure the parade happens is remarkable."

The Pittsfield Fourth of July parade experienced bumps in the road even back in the early 1800s - most notably, when Captain Joseph Merrick, a Federalist, excluded Democrats from the yearly post-parade gathering at his tavern in 1808.

The parade ran concurrently from at least 1801 until 1820. In 1821, Pittsfield’s spiritual leader Dr. Rev. Heman Humphrey, canceled the festivities so the day could be dedicated to God before resuming in 1822 after residents decided they wanted their parade.

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