Women's Political Caucus Endorses North Adams, Pittsfield Candidates

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BOSTON — The Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus Political Action Committee has endorsed a dozen women seeking election for all levels of government in Berkshire County and the Pioneer Valley, including in North Adams and Pittsfield. 
In North Adams, the PAC has again endorsed Lisa Blackmer and Marie T. Harpin, both of whom are running for at-large seats on the North Adams City Council. Harpin is running for a second term and Blackmer for a sixth term, after a two-year break from the council.
In Pittsfield, the PAC is endorsing Linday Tyer in her run for re-election for a second term as Pittsfield mayor. It is endorsing for the second time Helen Moon, running for re-election representing Ward 1 on the Pittsfield City Council, and Dina Guiel Lampiasi who is running in this election to represent Ward 6. Newcomer Yuki Cohen has also been endorsed in her first run for a councilor at-large seat.  
The MWPC PAC has endorsed 67 candidates in total from across the commonwealth who will play a vital role in reaching the organization's commitment to increasing the number of women elected to public office and appointed to public policy positions. Of these 67 candidates, 44 are new endorsements, signifying the growing strength of a trend seen nationwide towards gender parity in all levels of governance.
"The MWPC PAC is proud to endorse this fantastic group of women who have shown their unwavering commitment to the core values held by the MWPC and who will continue to pursue them while in public office," said Pam Berman, MWPC board president. "We believe that if elected, these women will continue their admirable and important advocacy for women, as well as serve as an inspiration for the next generation of female candidates. The MWPC PAC is thrilled to have a partnership with the astonishing 67 endorsed candidates from across the commonwealth whom are seeking all levels of elected office and we look forward to watching them succeed in their political careers and beyond."

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North Adams Covers Half Cost for Cumberland Farm Cleanup

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NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — The city will be contributing less than $34,000 to the cleanup of the former City Yard on Ashland Street. 
Cumberland Farms purchased the property just over a year ago for $575,000 with the caveat that the city would share 50 percent of  any cleanup costs up to $287,500, or half the purchase price. The costs incurred for the testing were entirely borne by Cumberland Farms.
The City Council last week approved the transfer of $33,925.04 from the city's Sale of Land account to reimburse Cumberland Farms. Mayor Thomas Bernard said the cleanup came in less than $68,000.
 "The city is going to clear $541,074 and 96 cents, or $541,075, for a net above our call it our-worst case scenario of $253,000," he said. "We received the full purchase price, last year with the understanding that when the final cleanup was settled, that we would reimburse Cumberland farms for the city share."
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