Heavy Equipment Fire In Adams Under Investigation

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ADAMS, Mass.— The Fire Department extinguished a heavy equipment fire at Duke's Sand and Gravel that is currently under investigation by the Adams Police Department.
Fire Chief John Pansecchi said the department responded to a fire at the gravel banks off Grove Street early Sunday around 2 p.m.
"We found an excavator burning. We extinguished it rather quickly, and it is under investigation by the Police Department," he said.
Pansecchi couldn't comment on whether or not the fire was suspicious but did say knockdown was simple, quick, and safe.
"There were no buildings or anything; there wasn't any danger. So that is a good thing," he said. "We had a quick knockdown, and we brought it to the police department for further investigation ... It was out in nowhere land so we really had nothing to worry about except putting out the fire."

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How Do You Cook a Turkey?: From the Mouths of 5-year-olds

By Mrs. Poirot's Kindergarten ClassGuest Column

Kindergarteners at Hoosac Valley Elementary working diligently at home to share their Thanksgiving recipes. 

ADAMS, Mass. — Each year, the kindergartners in Robin Poirot's class at Hoosac Valley Elementary School offer their estimations on how long it takes to cook a turkey — in sizes ranging from three to 100 pounds.

Their Thanksgiving recipes are always amusing and sometimes enlightening, particularly the choices of stuffing, but we must strongly caution against following any of their directions as a matter of public health.

Addison Columbus

Well, first you would have to go to the store and grab a 10-pound turkey. After I bring it home in a bag, I would put it in the oven for only 3 degrees for 5 minutes. That will definitely turn the color brown. That is how you will know  that it is ready to eat! When it cools, we eat it with lots of mashed potatoes on the side. YUM!

Chloe Jayko

I would buy our 100-pound turkey at the new Adams Market. It would be so heavy that we would have to pull the turkey and drag it to the car just to make it there.
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