Fall Repertory Programming at Images Cinema

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WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — Images Cinema is once again presenting monthly repertory programming, celebrating 25 years of being a non-profit organization.
Images will show films from 1998 and 1999. 
"After a record-breaking summer, we're excited to dip back into our monthly repertory series in full swing," said Dan Hudson, Images' Executive Director. "For our third edition, we're looking at the end of the last millennium – one of the richest periods in American film and also a time of emerging waves of new voices around the globe."
Cinema Redux features restored versions of films: "The Big Lebowski," "But I'm A Cheerleader," and "Beau Travail," all presented in restored 4K. 
"The Big Lebowski" (1998)
Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 7:30pm
"But I'm a Cheerleader" (1998)
Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 7:30pm
"Beau Travail" (1999)
Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 7:30pm
Nightmare on Spring Street features new 4K versions of landmark genre films that paved the way for 21st century filmmaking.
"The Matrix" (1999)
Friday, Sept. 21 at 9:15pm
Saturday, Sept. 22 at 9:15pm
"Ringu" (1998)
Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9:30pm
Friday, Oct. 13 at 9:30pm
"PI" (1998)
Thursday, Nov. 16 at 9:30pm
Friday, Nov. 17 at 9:30pm
Young@Heart will showcase some of the greatest animated films before CGI was ubiquitous. 
"The Iron Giant" (1999)
Saturday, Sept. 23 at 11am
Sunday, Sept. 24 at 11am
"Mulan" (1998)
Saturday, Oct. 14 at 11am
Sunday, Oct. 15 at 11am
"Chicken Run"(2000)
Saturday, November 11 at 11am
Sunday, November 12 at 11am
For Animation Celebration, Images celebrates animation artist Satoshi Kon.
"Millennium Actress" (2001)
Recommended for ages 12 and up
Saturday, Sept. 16 at 12:45pm - dubbed in English
Sunday, Sept. 17 at 7:15pm - with English subtitles
"Perfect Blue" (1997)
20th Anniversary Remaster
Saturday, Oct. 7 at 2:45pm - dubbed in English
Sunday, Oct. 8 at 7:15pm - with English subtitles

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Williamstown Planning Board Adopts Comprehensive Plan

By Stephen DravisiBerkshires Staff
WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — A little more than two years after appointing a committee to write the document, the Planning Board last week formally adopted the updated town comprehensive plan.
On a vote of 4-1, the five-person board endorsed the 70-page final draft of "Envisioning Williamstown 2035," which replaces the planning document previously known as the town master plan, last drafted in 2002.
Ben Greenfield was the lone dissenting vote in approving the wide-ranging document, which discusses the current conditions in the town and lays out a wide range of municipal aspirations in areas ranging from housing to conservation to transportation.
Shortly before casting his "nay" vote, Greenfield talked about what he saw as shortcomings in the document.
"I'll echo what others have said in the last week about economic development being not being as fleshed out as it could be," he said. "I was especially disappointed the town has twice, two years in a row, by more than two-thirds, voted to establish a municipal light plant to provide municipal broadband, and I cannot believe that a vision for Williamstown in 2035 doesn't have any sort of provision for the need for 70 percent of knowledge workers here or the need for municipal broadband or the equity that could provide. That's just an incredible missing opportunity.
"I feel that, as a resident, I commented on this multiple times and I wrote on pink Post-It notes, and they didn't make it into the document. As a Planning Board member, I mentioned that I thought it was a missed opportunity. And it still went nowhere.
"But that's just the way it goes in a democracy."
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