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2018 - 2019
North Adams
Combined Statistics
ALL GAMES:(15-4)(7-3) (8-1)
LEAGUE:(0-0)(0-0) (0-0)
NON LEAGUE:(15-4)(7-3) (8-1)

Apr 04 Mount Everett L 3-6
Apr 05 Smith Voc. W 5-3
Apr 12 Gateway W 8-2
Apr 18 Mount Greylock L 15-0
Apr 19 Science and Technology W 2-3
Apr 22 Lee W 4-8
Apr 23 Putnam L 12-7
Apr 25 Franklin County W 4-1
Apr 30 Duggan W 2-16
May 02 Pathfinder W 15-0
May 06 Lee W 14-1
May 08 Westfield Tech W 7-8
May 09 Mount Everett L 9-6
May 15 Commerce W 6-8
May 16 Commerce W 15-0
May 17 Science and Technology W 14-4
May 21 Putnam W 4-3
May 22 Gateway W 1-9
May 23 Pathfinder W 8-9
Logan Briggs.57114864091
Andrew Levesque.3735922231401610
Caleb Rondeau.2976419202001513
Owen Gagne.265491316110186
Omar Uqdah.265491315110712
Jared Blondin.2605013817084
Dalton Tatro.25012330062
Jeremy Beany.21746101111086
Nick Mroz.217461078045
Justin Denette.18211200000
Keeghan Vidal.15060922701816
Andrew Koch.13622383034
Matt Jette.05040263054
Jackson Owensby.00010061011
Luke Thomas.0002011010
Andrew Levesque5922
Caleb Rondeau6419
Jared Blondin5013
Omar Uqdah4913
Owen Gagne4913
Jeremy Beany4610
Nick Mroz4610
Keeghan Vidal609
Logan Briggs148
Dalton Tatro123
Andrew Koch223
Matt Jette402
Justin Denette112
Jackson Owensby100
Luke Thomas20
Andrew Levesque5923
Keeghan Vidal6022
Caleb Rondeau6420
Owen Gagne4916
Omar Uqdah4915
Jeremy Beany4611
Andrew Koch228
Jared Blondin508
Nick Mroz467
Matt Jette406
Jackson Owensby106
Logan Briggs146
Dalton Tatro123
Luke Thomas21
Justin Denette110
Caleb Rondeau6420
Jared Blondin5017
Andrew Levesque5914
Jeremy Beany4611
Omar Uqdah4911
Owen Gagne4911
Nick Mroz468
Keeghan Vidal607
Logan Briggs144
Andrew Koch223
Matt Jette403
Jackson Owensby101
Luke Thomas21
Dalton Tatro120
Justin Denette110
Home RunsABHR
Jackson Owensby100
Luke Thomas20
Logan Briggs140
Owen Gagne490
Keeghan Vidal600
Jeremy Beany460
Andrew Koch220
Nick Mroz460
Dalton Tatro120
Andrew Levesque590
Justin Denette110
Matt Jette400
Caleb Rondeau640
Omar Uqdah490
Jared Blondin500
Owen Gagne4918
Keeghan Vidal6018
Andrew Levesque5916
Caleb Rondeau6415
Logan Briggs149
Jared Blondin508
Jeremy Beany468
Omar Uqdah497
Dalton Tatro126
Matt Jette405
Nick Mroz464
Andrew Koch223
Luke Thomas21
Jackson Owensby101
Justin Denette110
Keeghan Vidal6016
Caleb Rondeau6413
Omar Uqdah4912
Andrew Levesque5910
Jeremy Beany466
Owen Gagne496
Nick Mroz465
Matt Jette404
Jared Blondin504
Andrew Koch224
Dalton Tatro122
Jackson Owensby101
Logan Briggs141
Luke Thomas20
Justin Denette110
Jared Blondin5-01.0911532.1523
Dalton Tatro5-12.64211745.16330
Jeremy Beany3-24.44261625.23928
Matt Jette2-13.15181022.22010
Owen Gagne0-013.33642.138
Keeghan Vidal0-0.00102.233

BATTING STATS Abbreviations
AVG - Average
AB - At Bats
H - Hits
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
HR - Home Runs
BB - Base On Balls
SB - Stolen Bases
PITCHING STATS Abbreviations
W-L - Win or Loss
ERA - Earned Run Average
R - Runs
ER - Earned Runs
IP - Innings Pitched
SO - Strike Outs
BB - Base On Balls
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