Bill Tague was a most unusual and talented newspaper photographer, who joined The Berkshire Eagle as a reporter-photographer at age 23 on September 23, 1950. Once his photographic prowess was recognized, he was given a full page to fill every week-an amazingly generous allocation, virtually unknown in American newspaperdom.

He did far, far more than cover car wrecks, fires, and church suppers-though he recorded all of those, watching Bill work was a lesson in professional diligence because of his dedication to the search for that perfect moment-the right facial expression, momentary mix of light and shadow, or juxtaposition of people. He didn't just pick up the camera and shoot; he carried several cameras and was in constant motion, circling the scene and waiting until a magical instinct told him which lens to use and when to snap the shutter. With imagination and often a sense of humor, he depicted faces, buildings, landscapes, festivals, and thousands of other subjects in ways that describe and evoke the very character and essence of Berkshire County for the last half of the twentieth century.

Until his unexpected death, at the age of 63, on November 15, 1990, Bill Tague's popular Eagle Eye was published weekly, anticipated and commented upon by tens of thousands of readers. Bill Tague was the reporter-photographer for over 40 years for the Berkshire Eagle

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